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Jean Bugatti with a Bugatti Roadster in 1932

The Walking Thread: Rock in the Road (S7, E9)

The back half of TWD Season 7 kicks off with a midseason premiere that is (relatively) uneventful, but very well-made and entertaining. None of the usual fireworks, character deaths or major plot revelations, just good solid storytelling, bolstered by lots of watchable character interactions, humor, and a fantastic action set piece in the middle. […]

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1949 Delahaye Type 175 Roadster

He died with his boots off

Like the man sang, “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel.”

The Michigan State Police Department said Tuesday that a man died after rolling his car on the ramp from the Lodge to I-75 was watching pornography while driving.

The accident happened early Sunday morning just after 3:30. […]

A Second Chance

This was trending on Facebook… this guy, as he acknowledges on the YouTube description is blessed to be alive. Most of our stupid mistakes don’t cost us as dearly as they might — this guy? Even moreso.

From The Trailer Park: A Faster Horse

I have already watched this and it is a fascinating look inside both the design process but also the history of the iconic Ford Mustang.