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Saturday Open Thread

“You came, you saw, you kicked its ass/Thank you Harold Ramis.”

The Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A., where the Gostbusters Cadillac is on exhibit placed this tribute to Harold Ramis on its roof this past week with a sign that had the caption.

Jean Claude… van Damn!

This is a pretty cool ad from Volvo demonstrating a new computer-aided steering system in their semi-trucks. Volvo maintains that this ad was filmed without aid of computer animation or graphics. Bonus Enya points.


Taken today by yours truly while parking for an audition… in Beverly Hills.

Women Drivers

Saudi Arabian authorities ticketed and fined 16 women who defied a ban on women driving cars.

Only few women braved official threats of punishment and drove on Saturday in response to an online campaign headlined “Women’s driving is a choice.”

“Police stopped six women driving in Riyadh, and fined them 300 riyals [...]

Saturday Open Thread

James Garner (and a man whose identity I was unable to find after cursory Googling) with the iconic Pontiac Firebird and a Kammback Trans-Am station wagon — a concept car that found it’s way into a Season 5 episode of The Rockford Files but not into production.

Monday Open Thread

Gene Hackman from The French Connection

I Wanna Rock With You

This video is not from Russia as these whacked out circumstances so often are… holy crap.

Sunday Open Thread

A Good Flasher

A Missouri man is suing a city after receiving a ticket for flashing oncoming drivers to warn them of a speed trap. I hope he wins big.

A Missouri man says his free-speech rights were violated when he was given a ticket for flashing his headlights to warn oncoming drivers of a speed-trap.

Michael [...]

Monday Night Mashup --

Steven Spielberg’s Duel and 1949 Driver’s Ed Video “You’re Driving 90 Horses)