Wednesday Open Thread

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

Howdy, fellow Threedonians, and happy Monday to ya! If you’ve been tired of the trailers for pretentious Oscar-bait lately, this week’s trailers will be a refreshing change. We’ve got Israeli heroes taking on terrorists, dinosaurs, cyborgs, Spider-Man, and more. Follow the jump to see them all.

1. 7 Days in Entebbe

A pair […]

From The Trailer Park - Avengers: Infinity War

Because this one can’t wait until next week’s Round-Up.

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

Happy Monday, Threedonia! This Thanksgiving week, we’ve got some new trailers to be thankful for: a couple of awesome-looking superhero sequels, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson taking on some giant rampaging beasts, a musical biopic about the inventor of show business, and a creepy-looking horror flick about a family that has to live their lives in […]

The Walking Thread: Some Guy (S8, E4).

Heavy is the head that wears a crown, indeed. With “Some Guy”, King Ezekiel finally gets his own episode, and TWD narrows its focus on him and his group (Carol, Jerry, etc.) and the completion of their mission against the Saviors, with a brief drop-in by Rick and Daryl. As a result, this episode […]

Thor Didn't Get The Memo About This Holiday

A little Halloween humor, courtesy of Texts From Superheroes. Happy Halloween, Threedonia!

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

Greetings, Threedonia! Small-town cops, mutants, psychos and unstable war vets. We’ve got trailers for them all this week!

1. The New Mutants

Marvel’s new show is an X-Men spin-off, based on Chris Claremont’s famous comic book series about five young mutants being held in a secret lab against their will. The trailer starts out […]

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

Happy Monday, Threedonia! And (mainly thanks to NY Comic-Con), we’ve got quite a batch of trailers for you to check out this week! Robots (both giant and human-sized), time travel, mind-bending sci-fi, a young Jack Ryan fighting terrorists, and for the kiddies, animated animals helping Baby Jesus get born, among others. Take a look-see:

1. […]

Monday Night Mashup - Beauty And The Deadpool

This excellent fan film mashes up Deadpool and the song “Gaston” from Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. Very funny, and impressively well-made for a fan project. (NSFW warning, it is Deadpool after all):

Also, in Marvel movie tradition, make sure you watch till after the credits.

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