Bloom County

Berkeley Breathed has resurrected the Bloom County gang on his Facebook page. He’s lost none of the good natured snark that was the hallmark of his 1980s heyday. Follow him on Facebook for a daily fix.

Monday Night Mashup — Batman — The Complete Series

Holy cacophony! YouTuber OmniVerse has synced all 120 episodes of the 1960s Batman to play at the same time. They’re aped up to play in 10 minutes. Why? Who the hell knows?

From the Trailer Park -- Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds stars as Deadpool — Marvel’s wisecracking mercenary… There are some great lines in this trailer…

Redband trailer below the fold.

From the Trailer Park — Suicide Squad

DC’s 2016 Summer offering was being leaked from its Comic Con viewing in such poor quality that Warner Bros. decided to put it on the Interwebs in HD.

From the Trailer Park — Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

I know a lot of folks are bagging on the glumness of the DC movies. There’s only room for breezy fast-talking superhero groups and The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy have cornered that market. This will answer the Superman death toll criticism of the first. What can I say? I’m dark.


From The Trailer Park: Batkid Begins

A documentary about how Miles Scott, a kid with leukemia, got the chance to be Batman for a day.

I have a hunch that theaters showing this movie will be filled with unexpectedly large quantities of dust, and possibly some invisible onions as well…

From the Trailer Park: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The CW continues its move away from teen angst and towards the go-to outlet for DC Comics godness with its 2016 spinoff of Arrow and The Flash — DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — a group hero effort featuring Hawk Girl, The Atom, White Canary Firestorm, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. They’ve done a good […]

Repulsors are sufficiently repulsed

Robert Downey Jr. has been set upon by the perpetually aggrieved again. During the press junket for Avengers: Age of Ultron (coming soon to a theater near you) he was asked about comments regarding comic book movies that were made by Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Downey replied by saying; “Look I respect the […]

From the Trailer Park -- Fantastic Four

The reboot looks good.

From the Trailer Park — Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice