Bloom County

Berkeley Breathed has resurrected the Bloom County gang on his Facebook page. He’s lost none of the good natured snark that was the hallmark of his 1980s heyday. Follow him on Facebook for a daily fix.

Santa Foo

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters continue their roll as coolest rock band on tour right now — making yet another fan’s dream come true. Yeah this guy isn’t the best singer ever… but good on Dave and the band. And on short notice I’d say this guy nails it. More on the story here:


Today's Secret Ingredient Is Freedom

I guess I was wrong…I always thought Cruz ate liberal indignation for breakfast.

Happy Birthday from Foo Fighters

This dude gets one of the best birthday presents –EVAH! from Foo Fighters the other day. Dave Grohl is one cool dude. NSFW — Language.


I’m man enough to admit I’d wet my wetsuit a bit.

They Both Kinds of Music: Country -- and Western.

Kenyan country artist “Sir Elvis”

Here is an interesting piece in The New York Times about the popularity of country music in, of all places, Kenya.

Sir Elvis, dressed in a yellow and black plaid shirt, jeans, boots and a black cowboy hat, tuned his guitar under the wooden roof and neon beer advertisements […]

Review: Red Eye with Tom Shillue

Greg Gutfeld announced he was leaving Red Eye and the show began rotating different men and women in the host spot. On Greg’s last show, when this plan was announced, I turned to my wife (the lovely, Mrs. Firefly) and said, “Please don’t let Tom Shillue be the new host.”

We watched the ensuing […]

Review: The Greg Gutfeld Show

With his announcement he was leaving “Red Eye” and “Red Eye’s” ensuing hiatus I anxiously awaited the premiere of Greg Gutfeld’s new show, the eponymous, “Greg Gutfeld Show.” With so many weeks to prepare I expected great things and I was not disappointed.

Oops, I meant to write I was disappointed. I wanted to […]


Sandy island appeared nautical maps for over a century… It doesn't exist.

There are no uncharted places left on Earth. Or are there? Take it away BBC.

Nevertheless, even digital maps skew toward the things that their users deem most important. Those areas that the majority sees as unworthy of attention – poor neighbourhoods […]

Mash-Up Monday -- Wednesday Edition

Hell yes!!!