Love Gov

This is a decent little video series (5 parts in all, will take about 20 minutes to watch in its entirety). Sensibly geared towards Americans in their late teens and twenties. Very well acted and scripted. Pass it along.


Pluto, the Ninth Planet in Our Solar System

Scientists are just beginning to compile and view all the data collected by the New Horizons spacecraft’s recent flyby of Pluto. There will be many great things to come, but this photo is amazing; unbelievable!!

I never imagined we’d have an image of Pluto of this […]

Why Was I Not Informed?!

So, as the Little Fireflies would say, “apparently this was a thing.”

Yacht Rock.

12, 5 minute episodes. Hall and Oates, Steely Dan (with a prominent role by Skunk Baxter), mockery of Jimmy Buffet and parrot heads, a subplot involving Rick Moranis’ excellent depiction of Michael McDonald on SCTV. There is a lot here […]

From The Trailer Park - Hardcore

A man-turned-cyborg must rescue his wife from an evil tyrant. The first action movie filmed entirely from a first-person point of view, the (NSFW) trailer that came out of the Toronto Film Festival is getting alot of buzz. Looks pretty awesome, if you ask me. Stars Sharlto Copley, Haley Bennett.

Wednesday Open Thread

Navy coach Wayne Hardin, having a special disdain for Army, would — in what today we take for granted — use different helmet designs or messages to troll the West Pointers. The “Jolly Roger” helmet worn by Roger Staubach and his fellow Midshipmen against Army in 1962 also has Chinese characters that read “Beat […]

Monday Night Mash-Up: Hell's Club

If there was a Purgatory for famous movie characters, what would it look like? An awesome nightclub, apparently. Some incredible editing and digital work here.

Friday Open Thread

Rice RB Dicky Maegle — on the way to a 95-yard TD run is about to be ambushed by Alabama reserve LB Tommy Lewis in the 1954 Cotton Bowl. The officials walked off the rest of the run for a touchdown. Rice 28; Bama 6.


Tuesday Open Thread

Earl Campbell of the Texas Longhorns runs over DB Sid Greehey of SMU 1977

Weekend Whimsy — Ricky Jay

The master — and that is no hyperbole — Ricky Jay.

Books — the Gifs that Keep on Giving

Chilean artist Javier Jensen has created a series of Gifs using book covers, they’re subtle but cool — more here