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Saturday Open Thread

Back in 1998 when Titanic surpassed Star Wars as the all-time box office champion, George Lucas took out this full page ad in Variety congratulating director James Cameron on the achievement. Lucas and Spielberg had traded similar ads after Star Wars and E.T.

Monday Night Mashup: The Trooper Believer

Iron Maiden meets The Monkees in one of the better mashups I’ve seen.

Launch, Land, Repeat.

THIS is all kinds of awesome. Spend that sweet Amazon money!

Sunday Open Thread

Drone Over Beethoven

Courtesy of Intel, a very cool mix of 21st century tech and classical art: 100 drones performing a light show set to Beethoven’s Fifth.

I love modern innovation.

Tuesday Open Thread

"It was the contrast that struck me most ? they have cars and iPhones, but hunt on horseback with eagles." #YearInFocus Canadian #photojournalist Kevin Frayer, based in Asia, travelled to the northwest mountains of Qinghe County, Xinjiang, northwestern China to capture the Kazakh people who use […]

Monday Open Thread

From a friend’s Facebook timeline. If you ever find yourself in Amarillo, Texas I recommend this coffee shop. It is very good coffee.

Frohe Weihnachten!

In case anyone’s looking for one last infusion of the holiday spirit, check out this great flashmob that happened at an airport in Germany recently.

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed holiday.

There were giants in the earth in those days…

I Saw Mommy Digitally Rendering Santa Claus

Behold the real face of Saint Nick (or at least our best approximation of it), as a result of a thorough scientific analysis of his skull and other data gathered.

“Using this data, the medical artist used state-of-the-art computer software to develop the model of St. Nicholas. The virtual clay was sculpted on […]