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Isn’t This Baby Trafficking?

I wonder how much it cost to free this kid? From KLKN-TV

A 3-year-old Lincoln boy disappeared Monday night and where he was found is pretty amazing.

After his mother called 911, the toddler was located across the street from their apartment at Madsen’s Bowling Alley and Billiards, inside the businesses, get this, claw [...]

Naval Gazing into the Future

The U.S. Navy plans to unveil its new-fangled railgun this Summer. Star Wars references aside — the proper pop culture reference is the Wave Motion gun. From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

This summer, San Diego will host the public unveiling of a military weapon that the Navy’s chief scientist calls a Star Wars-like technology [...]

From the Trailer Park — The Expendables III

It’s like an Irwin Allen action epic.

Rick Perry -- MIA

No, this isn’t a story about Rick Perry being derelict in his duties. It is about his trip with a group called the BentProp Project to Palau in the Pacific to look for the remains of World War 2 MIAs. From the Trail Blazers Blog at The Dallas Morning News: Gov. Rick Perry announced [...]


Interesting video of the ever-changing face of Europe — tracing the last 900 years or so of changing maps — almost every year something changes.

The music is from the soundtrack of Inception

Saturday Song

Newly released song :She Used to Love Me A Lot” from Johnny Cash. This is the first single from his rediscovered and never released album “Out Among the Stars”

Monday Open Thread

Infrared image of the dark side of Uranus (NASA)

On this date in 1977 astronomers made the existence of junior high boys ages 8-98 immeasurably better when they discovered rings around Uranus.

Amicus Humorem

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a bit of P.J. O’ROurke around these parts… Today’s P.J. comes from strange quarters… an amicus (“friend of court”) brief filed by the Cato Institute in the pending U.S. Supreme Court case Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus scheduled for argument next month (and presumably decision this June). The [...]

Wednesday Open Thread

Yosemite HD II from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

A 200+ mile backpacking experience through Yosemite National Park captured by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill. This project was filmed over the course of 10 months. We spent a combined 45 days in the park capturing the images in this video.

song by M83 “Lower Your [...]

Saturday Open Thread

“You came, you saw, you kicked its ass/Thank you Harold Ramis.”

The Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A., where the Gostbusters Cadillac is on exhibit placed this tribute to Harold Ramis on its roof this past week with a sign that had the caption.