Gun Control? People Control

The Tower of Babel, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Doug Wilson nails the heart of the gun control debate over at Blog and Mablog.

To take one pertinent example, the communists, in the course of their vile career, murdered approximately 100 million people. Whenever unbelieving man builds a Tower of Babel, it is so that […]

Liberals Are Failing In The Culture But They Don't Care

Over the weekend, the Hollywood Left suffered not one, but two high-profile flops. The 2017 Emmys, which were basically a three-hour anti-Republican bash-fest, had their lowest ratings of all time. And ultra-liberal actress Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film, an artsy anti-Christian torture porn mess called mother!, bombed with Lawrence’s worst mainstream opening of her entire […]

Wilting Daisy

As I posted about last week, actor Ed Skrein announced that he has pulled out of playing a role in the upcoming Hellboy movie because the character was part Japanese in the comics and he didn’t want to be seen as racially insensitive. Half-Chinese actress Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy Johnson in Agents of […]

Classic Ignorance

Here’s an interesting op-ed from a couple of weeks ago from the New York Post about Millennial ignorance of classic movies.

It appears that the “Golden Age of Cinema” has lost its sheen to the young over the years, as millennials are turning their back on classic movies.

A new study finds that […]

Race-Swap Hypocrisy

So actor Ed Skrein, who is best known for playing the villain in Deadpool, was recently cast to play a character named Ben Daimio in the next Hellboy movie. However, in the comics Daimio is part Asian, and once it got out that an all-white actor was playing him, the news was met with […]

Primary Colors

“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world! Red and yellow black and white they are precious in His sight! Jesus loves the little children of the world!”

Some of the biggest errors are often mingled with, intentionally or unintentionally, some of the greatest truths. We used to sing this little […]

Why Action Movies Suck Now

Our blogfather recently wrote an article titled 9 Ways Hollywood Destroyed The Movie Business. It’s a pretty good list, and Nolte covers a lot of the big-picture reasons why movies haven’t been very good lately. But one thing he neglects to mention is why action movies, the box office lifeblood of mainstream Hollywood for […]

Feminists: Proud Supporters of Actual Rape Culture

In their zeal to push moral relativism and multiculturalism on us, liberals have been aggressively importing and making rationalizations for Muslims and their culture, to the point of feminists even claiming that there is no conflict between women’s rights and Sharia Law. (Just ask the Women’s March, co-founded by a Muslim terror apologist and […]

The High Road to China

I promised to write something up about my two week sojourn to China so here goes. Let me start with bit of backstory. Last January I met a woman — “Jane”, a law professor from the China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in Beijing. She was looking for a base of operations […]

No Escape-ism

So my latest YouTube obsession has been a channel called Diversity & Comics, in which the host – an Iraq war veteran and comic book writer/enthusiast – critiques the current state of the comic book industry, particularly Marvel comics, which has truly gone off the deep end lately.

He covers the whole sorry […]