Reddit in the Face

Well, the millennial gender politics I discussed in my GamerGate article reared their ugly head again last week when Ellen Pao, CEO of Reddit, resigned under intense pressure from the site’s users and moderators to do so, after less than a year on the job. If you’re wondering how someone could have done such […]

The British Empire Is In No Mood For Your Shenanigans

I know it’s become a cliché, particularly in Hollywood movies, to mess with the guards in England, but this is real life we’re living in. And having been to Windsor Castle, I can attest that the guards there are hardcore. You couldn’t pay me to put hands on them. This idiot’s lucky he got […]

Salon Selective Outrage

See if you can spot the logical inconsistency here.

Stay classy, Salon. (h/t SexyPatriots)

GamerGate and How Radical Feminism (Inadvertently) Broke the Left’s Grasp on Millennial Men

So the GamerGate movement was recently in the news again after leftists, egged on by a liberal Salon columnist, interrupted a GamerGate supporters’ event in Washington D.C. by calling in a bomb threat. And this was after repeated unsuccessful attempts to get the event cancelled by harassing the venue owner. Now, you may have […]

Repulsors are sufficiently repulsed

Robert Downey Jr. has been set upon by the perpetually aggrieved again. During the press junket for Avengers: Age of Ultron (coming soon to a theater near you) he was asked about comments regarding comic book movies that were made by Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Downey replied by saying; “Look I respect the […]

Ludicrous Speed

We have attained it.

Apparently the internet, fan boyz and fan girlz are in a tizzy because during the media tour for the new Avengers film Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner called the fictional character of Black Widow (not the actress who plays her) a slut and a whore. Listen to the question and answer […]

How Do You Spell Hypocrite? M-S-N-B-C

The valiant class warriors over at MSNBC have a very taxing problem on their hands:

MSNBC’s hosts and guests regularly call for higher taxes on the rich, condemning wealthy individuals and corporations who don’t pay their taxes or make use of loopholes. But recent reports, as well as records reviewed by National Review, show […]

Be Careful What You Wish For, Indiana Edition

It Takes A Village of Idiots

“Neglected and Abused Children” by Winslow Homer

It is time for tar and feather — literally as the kids say. From The Washington Post:

Would you call 911 if you saw a child sitting in a car parked outside a store, alone, engrossed in a video game?

Or a 9-year-old playing alone at a […]

The Most Unserious Administration since Zachary Taylor

I dare you to prove otherwise.