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Threedonians Read!

I read this on my trip to Atlanta earlier this month… It’s a great and relatively quick read. Albert Richardson and Junius Browne were war correspondents for Horace Greeley’s rabidly abolitionist New York Tribune. The book follows their careers beginning in the languid early stages of the Civil War out West and then as […]

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Death (of a State Economy) and Taxes

As the state of Connecticut recently reached the 25-year anniversary of its income tax, Fred Lucas at The Daily Signal has taken a look at how the state has fared since the tax’s inception. It was proposed in 1991 by the state’s Governor, former Republican-turned-Independent Gov. Lowell Weicker. Citing the high debt and out-of-control […]

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The stairway to heaven… The Last Bookstore, L.A.

Why #FirstSevenJobs Matters

Some of you who are up on the twitters may have seen a hashtag going around called #FirstSevenJobs. As the tag suggests, it allows people to Tweet their first seven jobs as a fun way to reminisce and show off the not-so-prestigious origins of their career path (and maybe sneak in a little humblebrag in […]

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If you ever make it to L.A. check out the Last Bookstore at 5th and Spring.

Elites Beat Feet to Easy Street

If you haven’t already seen it, please go read this post by Ace, It’s based on a WSJ article by Peggy Noonan, “How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen.” (There’s also some good stuff in the comments.)

Noonan and Ace do a better job than I did in this piece, Why Trump is Right […]