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European Kleptocracy

Everyone’s favorite British Member of European Parliament, Daniel Hannan is at it again… tilting against his favorite windmill. From the Daily Mail UK:

Viewed from Brussels, the Westminster expenses crisis looks Lilliputian. Call that a scandal? Bath plugs and massage chairs, patio heaters and lightbulbs? How paltry. How quaint.

Viewed from Brussels, the Westminster expenses [...]

Tuesday Open Thread

Still Hypocritical

Vote Dry… cuz your Congressman was going to wet his whistle anyway… serf. From The Atlantic:

In a yet-to-be-gentrified area of Northeast D.C., a nondescript warehouse was unusually lively last Saturday afternoon. Inside? A spirited bottling party.

The Ivy City warehouse is home to New Columbia Distillers. Started in 2012 by Michael Lowe, New [...]

Saturday Open Thread

On this date in 1886, Dr. John Pemberton brewed his first batch of Coca Cola in Atlanta, GA.

Tuesday Open Thread

On this date in 1850, the American Express Co. was founded (as an express mail business in Buffalo, NY) by Henry Wells, William Fargo, and John Butterfield.

Not Lovin’ It

A couple old enough to be fritz’s slightly older siblings was recently kicked out of a McDonald’s for sitting too long.

The pair were enjoying their regular routine of a mid-afternoon McDonald’s snack they call “scrunch” (between supper and lunch), when they were stopped by an employee cleaning up. Ms. Becker told WTTG Fox 5, [...]

Saturday Song

Newly released song :She Used to Love Me A Lot” from Johnny Cash. This is the first single from his rediscovered and never released album “Out Among the Stars”

Friday Open Thread

On this date in 1794 Eli Whitney was granted a patent for the cotton gin.

Sixteen Miles on the Zombie Canal

Some ideas are so bad they just won’t die. From

By the end of this year, if a Chinese entrepreneur gets his way, digging will begin on a waterway that would stretch roughly 180 miles across Nicaragua to unite the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Giant container ships capable of carrying consumer electronics by [...]

Wednesday Open Thread

Talking about Interstate Commerce Clause in my Con Law course last night I was reminded of my favorite Democrat’s, President Grover Cleveland, message vetoing a bill passed by Congress for “farm relief” during a drought:

I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution and I do not believe that the [...]