Tuesday Open Thread

Some of the best soundtrack work is being done for television and one of the best is Bear McCreary… picky any of the four seasons of Battlestar Galactica for great music… seasons 2 and 3 are the best. The theme for Roslin and Adama is beautiful and pops up throughout the last 3 […]

Monday Open Thread

Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing. And then do it again.

Sunday Open Thread

Enter the Fists

It’s the “Two-Fisted Drinker” adjoining mugs so you can enjoy 30oz. of beer without stopping. Drink out of either side and it doesn’t spill. Just in time for Tuesday!

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Now is the time we support our resident curmu… uh author Lars Walker. Follow the link below to his author page at Amazon and his works are there — Kindle, paper, etc.

Lars Walker’s Author Page


Tuesday Open Thread

My admiration for our last conservative Democratic President is well documented here, here, and here .