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Threedonians Use Amazon

This is my increasingly regular plea for you, when you shop at Amazon, to please use our links. That is where I get the money to keep this place open. I know y’all buy books and other things.

Click any Amazon link you see. If you block ads on our page then you can […]

Raising Financially Literate Kids

Rachel Cruze, financial expert (and daughter of Dave Ramsey) with some very good suggestions for us parents on how to give our kids a good financial education, so that they don’t grow up to be broke, entitled snowflakes. (Man, Prager U has been killin’ it with their videos lately.)

Her advice is definitely a […]

This Afternoon’s Broadcast Brought to You By…

Sending out this long distance dedication to NCAA Men’s basketball coaches, players, families of players, apparel companies, and fans everywhere…

Iowahawk FTW!

I can feel that burn from here! The mind of Iowahawk should be declared a national treasure.