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Monday Open Thread

Commence Justice

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia gave the commencement address at his granddaughter’s high school graduation the other day. It is well worth your time.

Saturday Open Thread

We had a graduate hooding ceremony for our Masters in Forensic Psychology program yesterday and I was reminded again of why I love doing what I do. A particularly brilliant student (I hesitate to say the perfect graduate student, but close) asked a colleague and me to hood her — as her favorite professors […]

Repulsors are sufficiently repulsed

Robert Downey Jr. has been set upon by the perpetually aggrieved again. During the press junket for Avengers: Age of Ultron (coming soon to a theater near you) he was asked about comments regarding comic book movies that were made by Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Downey replied by saying; “Look I respect the […]

Rufus T. Firefly Saves the Republic


“Rufus,” I hear you say. “The world is on fire (Harvard educated Congressman Ted Cruz says so), the number of folks out of work is at peak levels, the Federal Reserve is devaluaing the dollar by creating a stock market bubble, our kids are getting dumber, race relations are worsening, Lena Dunham’s show […]

Islam Through the Ages (Guest Post by Goozer)

Having had time to reflect upon the post that Magnus brought to attention yesterday, a number of responses I have had bouncing around in my mind have finally coalesced…

We have been well informed and well warned about the true nature of Islam since its very beginning:

“When the candidatus was killed by […]

Friday with Floyd

Tapestry Victory of Truth Over Heresy

The eldest son had an assignment for AP European History requiring a trip to The Getty Center. Great day for some art.

Professor Firefly Explains White Privelege

White Privilege is a term that has been popping up a lot on College Campuses, your television screen, your daily newspaper and the Interwebs. Since all some of you are not as smart as me, I will favor you with an explanation of what the term means.

When I encounter something I don’t understand […]

Teach your children well

Nick Searcy, brilliantly scathing enemy of liberal id’jut fools in the Twiter-verse, recently took advantage of the more than 140 characters Facebook posts afford, and schooled this Victimology 101 parent with the below. Enjoy. Sure, the first sentence should have read, “My friend Eric Porvaznik sent me this article at the end of October,” but […]

In Class with Floyd --

Today in my Criminology class (a bit outside my bailiwick, but we had a faculty shortage) we will discuss a genre of criminological theories called “Critical Criminology” — read “Marxist/socialist” theories… in other words… the system is a sham to protect the 1% and criminal laws don’t serve the common good, but merely to oppress. […]