Better late than gone forever

Thank God for patience and perserverence. More should-be bombshells at the full LawNewz story.

To the vast majority of people, both in the news media and not, the “Penn State Scandal” is extremely old news and as dead and decided as Harvey Weinstein’s movie-making career. However, for a growing number of some of those still […]

R.I.P., Tom Petty

As details remain pending on specifics beyond cardiac arrest, shocked and saddened with news of Tom Petty’s passing. Here are a few favorites …

From the Trailer Park #TBT Edition -- Thor III

This Afternoon's Broadcast Is Brought to You by .

Bash & Pop.

This Evening’s Broadcast Is Brought to You by…

Stuck Mojo. Never forget.

Whip-it-together Wednesday

Mash-up Monday’s irreverent cousin …

From the Trailer Park — Bright (update)

A Will Smith movie, finally back on my interest-meter. Did not see that coming, especially after the teaser JimmyC shared earlier this year.

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They're the judge and jury all in one

Great interview from Christian Toto with true rebels, rebels!

They have come to think that music is a safe space to be nurtured and protected in, but they’re finding out it isn’t. They’ve become the uptight 1950s parents that refused to let their kids buy Elvis records.


Safe at Home

Welcome home, brothers!