Happy Birthday Outlaw!

Tuesday Open Thread

Some of the best soundtrack work is being done for television and one of the best is Bear McCreary… picky any of the four seasons of Battlestar Galactica for great music… seasons 2 and 3 are the best. The theme for Roslin and Adama is beautiful and pops up throughout the last 3 […]

Monday Open Thread

Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole thing. And then do it again.

Sunday Open Thread

Enter the Fists

It’s the “Two-Fisted Drinker” adjoining mugs so you can enjoy 30oz. of beer without stopping. Drink out of either side and it doesn’t spill. Just in time for Tuesday!

Saturday Song

No Independence Day is complete without our national anthem. Carl Lewis’ version from over 20 years ago is the most memorable (sorry Whitney). Charlie Steiner (then of ESPN) goes with this version like peanut butter goes with jelly.

Independence Day Open Thread

This Afternoon’s Broadcast is Brought To You By…


I’m man enough to admit I’d wet my wetsuit a bit.

Shame on Him

As I like to tell my kids and students… every silver lining has a cloud. One of the clouds on the silver lining that has been the growth and expansion of America over the past 2 centuries has been the loss of community. There’s not enough time or space her to fully plumb those […]