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The Defeat of Ahmed Gragn by King Claudius on 21 February 1543 by Kegneketa Jemlieri Hailu of Gondar

on this date in 1543 a joint force of Portuguese soldiers and Ethipoian soldiers (led by King Gelawdewos — “Claudius”) defeated the Ottomans at The Battle of Wayna Daga.


Monday Open Thread

On this date in 1962 John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth in space aboard Mercury 7.

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Jean Bugatti with a Bugatti Roadster in 1932

Friday Open Thread

Eruption of the Puyehue Cordon-Caulle volcano on June 5th 2011, Chile. The eruption started on the 4th of June at 11 am with a major explosion around 3 pm. This last one produced a disturbing 10km ash plume for the local population and the air traffic above South America and Oceania. (Francisco Negroni — […]

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Waut. What killed the dinosaurs?

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The Oroville Dam is seen on Sunday, February 12, 2017.

If there is any justice, heads will roll in the State of California’s government at this thoroughly preventable disaster. Seeing as California is a one party state — no Democrats will suffer.

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Marty riding with “Travis”.