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Silents Are Golden

This short feature on Buster Keaton by “Every Frame a Painting” is well worth a few minutes of your time.

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Sunday Gospel

Saturday Song

Debut song from Jake Evans… opening for New Order this Winter.

And He’s Not a Real Doctor

Here’s a real honest to God sadistic dentist

Wolf was allegedly one of the dealer’s customers. The informant “advised that Wolf had shown him images on Wolf’s cellular phone of infants and toddlers being sexually abused by adults,” FBI special agent Aaron Spivack wrote in a complaint.

Wolf, who is HIV positive, also reportedly […]

Missing Christians

Whatever your views of the brouhaha over Syrian refugees (and many of them are refugees — which colors the debate over, but does not resolve the issues involved with whether or not to take them in) there is no doubt that the group is mostly Muslim even though Syria’s total population was 10% Christian […]

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From the film Rio Grande

Balancing Act