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Thursday Open Thread

H/t mein bruder

Wednesday Open Thread

On this date in 1789, George Washington took the first oath of office of a President of the United States under the current Constitution in New York City. It has been downhill ever since.

Monday Night Mashup — Tuesday Edition: The Brothers Gibb and the Brothers Young

Tuesday Open Thread

The International Military Tribunal for the Far East was convened at Ichigaya Court on this date in 1946.

Monday Open Thread

On this date in 1952 the U.S. occupation of Japan officially ended.

From the Trailer Park — The Hornet’s Nest

Directed by Mike and Carlos Boettcher. Here is the Imdb page. In the vein of Restrepo. Outlaw posted this trailer last year… it comes out next month so here’s a reminder.

Sunday Open Thread

On this date in 1865 the steamboat SS Sultana exploded killing an estimated 1800 of her 2400 passengers. Most of the dead were Union prisoners headed home (see yesterday’s post on the Confederate prison) after being released.

Sunday Gospel

Saturday Song

Humanity and Hope in a Confederate Prison

The New York Times Opinionator has an interesting story on a Southern prison called Cahaba Federal Prison located in Alabama and run by a Kentuckian Methodist minister:

For more than the obvious reasons, Civil War soldiers in both armies despised military prisons. Not only were the inmates held against their will, but the hunger, filth, [...]