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Meet the New Nanny Same as the Old Nanny

I’m working on a paper about Miguel Cervantes’ Don Quixote that I am presenting in Barcelona,Spain next month. Part of it (the general theme is wisdom and leadership) is a section on socio-legal critique in the book. So I’m reading a book called Law and History in Cervantes’ Don Quixote and came across this […]

Today's Secret Ingredient Is Freedom

I guess I was wrong…I always thought Cruz ate liberal indignation for breakfast.

The Good Old Days

The 1950s were so boring and cookie cutter. Or were they? Here’s a great article from Acculturated exploring whether the 1950s were actually more diverse than today in most metrics:

In the last sixty years America has become a more tolerant country. But has it become more diverse?

In terms of race, the […]

10 Things I Learned From Losing 110 Pounds

I have struggled with being overweight (and by “overweight”, I mean pretty much straight-up obese) for most of my life. As a kid I preferred movies, video games and playing music to exercising, and spent way too much time sitting in front of the TV and eating unhealthy junk. If the body is a […]

Tuesday Open Thread

The Memorial Day festivities included bacon-wrapped cream or cheddar cheese stuffed jalapenos. God bless ‘Murica!

Daily Special: Most Dangerous Game

A restaurant in Nigeria is shut down for serving, allegedly, human flesh:

The police were tipped off by locals who suspected something horrific was taking place inside the kitchen. They raided the hotel restaurant to discover human heads which were still dripping with blood in plastic bags.

A local priest who ate at the restaurant […]

Wednesday Open Thread

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Thursday Open Thread

On this date Coca-Cola released it’s “New” Coke. It was a case study in how a giant popular coproration could almost kill the goose that laid the golden egg. They backed away from that ledge shortly.

Wednesday Open Thread

Hell no.


Recently passed North Carolina Tar Heels basketball Coach Dean Smith left everyone of his former players $200 paid out of his trust for “dinner out” on Coach.

In his will, Smith bequeathed $200 to each of his former players from his trust. The reason? The coach wanted them to “enjoy a dinner out compliments […]