Crickets in the key of 'D'

Andrew Price, per the norm, slices and dices the hypocrisy of the left’s war protestors, and further nails ’em with this in the comments section.

I was just saying that I think there is an added reason they hated Bush rather than just that he forced them to confront the reality of what they […]

What a Bargain!

Obama and John Kerry get worked — over.

Iran has promised to make drastic cuts to its nuclear programme in return for the gradual lifting of sanctions as part of a historic breakthrough in Lausanne that could end a 13-year nuclear standoff.

The “political understanding”, announced on Thursday night in the Swiss city’s technical […]

Open Book Quiz

Obama sycophants and/or trolls, please take your time answering. We understand how difficult pop quizzes, even Open Book variety, can be, especially on a Monday.

Fish Will Soon Need Bicycles

Gloria Steinem, ardent feminist

Gloria Steinem and other ardent strident feminists will be taking a stroll across the DMZ in Korea according to Stars and Stripes.

Making a dramatic statement in Korean relations, Gloria Steinem and other prominent women on Wednesday announced their intention to walk across the demilitarized zone between North and South […]

Speaking Loudly and Carrying a Small Stick

The next three Presidents will be spending their terms cleaning up Obama’s screw ups. At least Putin’s not a real Muslim. From Bill Gertz at The Washington Free Beacon:

Russia agreed to provide military training for three leftist regimes in Latin America and increase military visits and exercises following a visit last week […]

The Most Unserious Administration since Zachary Taylor

I dare you to prove otherwise.

Islam Through the Ages (Guest Post by Goozer)

Having had time to reflect upon the post that Magnus brought to attention yesterday, a number of responses I have had bouncing around in my mind have finally coalesced…

We have been well informed and well warned about the true nature of Islam since its very beginning:

“When the candidatus was killed by […]

They Thought It Said Court OF Criminals

The Palestinian Authority has joined the International Criminal Court. From the New York Times:

The step is part of a strategic shift by the Palestinian leadership to pursue statehood in the international arena after decades of failed American-brokered negotiations with Israel. It came a day after the defeat of a United Nations Security Council resolution that […]

The Gelded Age

Obama and Raul Castro

Mark this day… the first day of infamy of the 21st century… the day America capitulated to two old school dictatorships — North Korea in its cyber-terror attack on Sony has now dictated to us what we can and cannot watch in our movie theaters. Obama has been silent. The […]

Still Cuba, No LIbre

New cars for Cuba! To punish Cuba for 60 years of destabilizing Latin America, Africa and for brutalizing its own people President Obama, the smart President, has basically normalized relations with the Castro regime.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease economic restrictions on the nation, […]