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Want to Change The World?

Make your bed.

One of the best speeches ever.

An Appreciation: TURN

If you haven’t already been watching AMC’s TURN, hope they air a marathon before the season finale next month. Great show, and as fellow Revolutionary-era buff, Colony Bay producer of PBS’ “Courage, New Hampshire,” and frequent Patrick Henry impersonator James Patrick Riley points out, it’s not often shows like this, which portray a deeper [...]

Tuesday with Eric

I love my bad-ass “Major League Infidel” t-shirt, wearing it whenever/wherever I know veterans and current military personnel will be (as anyone at the “First Attack …” premiere will attest), so you can imagine how stoked I was to meet Adam at the SafetyHeroes benefit/Nugent concert last night. His is more bad-ass, though, for two [...]


In addition to reading Larry Elder’s 10 Things You Can’t Say in America in the late 90s, I cite my turning point to leave the Democrats in my rearview as the moment I finally realized they no longer were the party of John F. Kennedy and his “Ask not what your country can do for [...]

Just a reminder ...

Nothing To See Here, Move Along…

From the Jawa Report

Yeah, like Barry said “they are on the run.”

Andrew Breitbart, In Memoriam

As mentioned all across the interwebs and beyond, we lost the happiest of warriors a year ago today. I’m not going to pretend I knew Andrew Breitbart all that well, nor will I pretend I enjoyed his provocateur methods 100% of the time. However, while I always understood why he did the voodoo that he [...]

Who’s da boss?

Sadly, not Zo.

Sorry, Mr. President, we won

The latest and greatest from our friends at Ranger Up/Unapologetically American, now available for pre-order.

Now THAT Is A Lot of Bombs

Check out this B-36 dropping bombs at Eglin AFB, FL back in the day.

Even -fritz- was too young to have been around for this one.

See this article about the saga of the last B-36 and how the City of Fort Worth tried to save it

What a beast of [...]