Shapiro Wins Best Costume

Ben Shapiro usually kills it with his Halloween costumes – consider last year’s great Thug Life Costume, in a nod to the Ben Shapiro Thug Life YouTube fan channel – but the one he wore yesterday was fantastic. Check it out, check-it-outers:

Thor Didn't Get The Memo About This Holiday

A little Halloween humor, courtesy of Texts From Superheroes. Happy Halloween, Threedonia!

The 5 Most Conservative Horror Movies of the Last 5 Years

Over the last 10-15 years, the film business has been chock-full of left-wing themes and propaganda. Particularly since Trump’s election, the message from virtue-signaling Hollywood types couldn’t be clearer: if you don’t vote like us, you’re a bad person, and we will make movies showing how much we hate your guts. Because they’re so cheaply […]

Halloween Open Thread 

A clip from “Lore” on Amazon Prime. Check it out and especially the Lore Podcast which has a ton of creepy stories and legends.

Monday Open Thread

Peter Cushing, “The Curse of Frankenstein “

Saturday Open Thread 

Sam Neill in Event Horizon (1997)

Friday Open Thread 

Kurt Russell in The Thing (1982)

Thursday Open Thread 

Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula (1958)

Wednesday Open Thread 

Adrienne Barbeau in The Fog (1982)

Tuesday Open Thread 

Eva Green in Penny Dreadful