Wiping Away America

Earlier this week, I held an impromptu history lesson for my 7 year-old son, where I taught him about Christopher Columbus. Why did I do this? Because his public school teachers had taught him nothing about the man. There was no school holiday for Columbus Day, and no lesson about him. Apparently the explorer […]

Happy Columbus Day!

I love both of these tweets. Happy Columbus Day, Threedonia!

Gun Control? People Control

The Tower of Babel, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Doug Wilson nails the heart of the gun control debate over at Blog and Mablog.

To take one pertinent example, the communists, in the course of their vile career, murdered approximately 100 million people. Whenever unbelieving man builds a Tower of Babel, it is so that […]

Lies, Damned Lies, And Hollywood Lies

Scene from American Made.

The new Tom Cruise movie American Made, in which Cruise plays real-life pilot-turned-smuggler Barry Seal, opened this weekend. While most critics agree that it’s a fairly entertaining comedic thriller, it has a disturbing anti-Reagan bent, and peddles a number of lies to push that agenda. National Review’s Kyle Smith details […]

Saturday Open Thread

Wednesday Open Thread 

1880 Prototype for a, uh, mobile telephone.

Tuesday Open Thread 

Dwight Eisenhower was tbe first to use a TelePrompter during a presidential campaign speech in 1952.

Monday Open Thread 

Preparing for Doomsday in 1961 L.A.

Saturday Open Thread 

Operation Baby Lift… over 3,300 Vietnamese orphans were airlifted to the U.S. in 1975.

Under The Milky Way Tonight

Suren Manvelyan is an Armenian astronomy and physics professor, as well as a very talented photographer. His latest project is taking pictures of Armenia’s rural landscape at night. The result is a breathtaking look at a rarely-explored part of the world.

Harichavank Monastary: