Those Who Do Not Study History...

… and so it goes.

Colin Quinn Unconstitutional

For you Netflix customers comedian Colin Quinn has a new one-man show up called “Unconstitutional”. In it he riffs on our founding document and how it has been abused over the decades. As with anything like this there are many things he says with which I disagree (there is artistic license vis a vis […]

Meet the New Nanny Same as the Old Nanny

I’m working on a paper about Miguel Cervantes’ Don Quixote that I am presenting in Barcelona,Spain next month. Part of it (the general theme is wisdom and leadership) is a section on socio-legal critique in the book. So I’m reading a book called Law and History in Cervantes’ Don Quixote and came across this […]

And Don't Forget Your Toothbrush!

Photographer Thom Atkinson has collected and photographed the complete Soldier’s Kits (uniform, weapons, armor and assorted equipment) worn by British soldiers in a variety of battles from the last 1000 years. The resulting photoseries, “Soldier’s Inventories”, is a fascinating window into military history and the daily life of the average soldier. Atkinson noted that while […]

Birthright Citizenship debate

Professor John Eastman from Chapman University School of Law has a great summary of the argument against birthright citizenship from a constitutional standpoint in National Review Online. His article is here. It is in reply to an article by Professor John Yoo (of Cal Berkeley School of Law — linked below:

Birthright citizenship has […]

We're From The Government and We're Here to Help

The Smithsonian has a new story up about how a central planning failure in Brazil turned into a horrific catastrophe that cost thousands of lives and destroyed untold miles of pristine Amazon rainforest:

…the story of Rondônia kicks into gear in the late 1970s, when tens of thousands of agricultural workers found themselves out […]

Remembering Pearl Harbor

The backlash against and hand-wringing about the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945 began shortly after cessation of hostilities. The debate got hot enough for Henry Stimson, FDR and Truman’s Secretary of War to write an explanation of the decision to drop the bombs in Harper’s Magazine. While I wholeheartedly […]

The Good Old Days

The 1950s were so boring and cookie cutter. Or were they? Here’s a great article from Acculturated exploring whether the 1950s were actually more diverse than today in most metrics:

In the last sixty years America has become a more tolerant country. But has it become more diverse?

In terms of race, the […]

From The Trailer Park - The Finest Hours

Stars Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Eric Bana, Ben Foster

Saturday Song

No Independence Day is complete without our national anthem. Carl Lewis’ version from over 20 years ago is the most memorable (sorry Whitney). Charlie Steiner (then of ESPN) goes with this version like peanut butter goes with jelly.