Statue of Limitations

You may recall that the protests in Charlottesville over the weekend (which turned violent after left-wing counter-protesters attacked the ugly but peaceful assembly) were sparked in protest of a Confederate statue being torn down. Apparently not content to let the blood dry on this tragedy, and fulfilling Vox Populi’s ironclad rule that SJWs always […]

Michaelangelo and the Mechanics

Photographer Freddy Fabris, who is a big fan of the Renaissance masters and their work, was visiting an auto mechanic shop in the Midwest when he was struck by an inspiration. He decided to recreate some of the most famous paintings of the period using the mechanics as subjects. The results are both impressive and […]

Excellent, or Bogus Adventure?

I can’t figure this out.

Like all humans, I have no special insight into the future, but, like most humans, I try to discern patterns from evidence in front of me. But the current state of affairs? I can’t even guess something as basic as; “is the overall direction positive or negative?”

Trump seems […]

Wednesday Open Thread

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s mugshot when he was arrested for leading a march through Birmingham.

You can just see the defiance in his eyes. A true hero.

From The Trailer Park - Darkest Hour

Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) rallies his country to join the war effort against the Nazis. Also stars Kristen Scott Thomas, Lily James, Ben Mendelsohn. Directed by Joe Wright (Atonement, Hanna).

Gary Oldman playing Churchill? I’m in.

Thursday Open Thread 

Canadian Cpl Bob Roberts runs into a 20th c. Potsdam Giant while taking surrenders shortly after D-Day.

Getting The Band Back Together

Fantastic ad from that brings together the modern descendants of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Quite a lineage to be a part of.

Marilyn Says Be Safe Out There…

and nothing says “freedom” more than this:

Friday Open Thread

Strolling down Interwebs memory lane a bit — whatever happened to June Cleaver After a Sixpack?

Tuesday Open Thread 

Anti-Prohibition march (or is it more Pro-Beer?) in early 1920s Chicago.