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From The Trailer Park - The Finest Hours

Stars Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Eric Bana, Ben Foster

Saturday Song

No Independence Day is complete without our national anthem. Carl Lewis’ version from over 20 years ago is the most memorable (sorry Whitney). Charlie Steiner (then of ESPN) goes with this version like peanut butter goes with jelly.

Sunday Open Thread

From the Amazon description:

A gripping intellectual adventure story, Sailing from Byzantium sweeps you from the deserts of Arabia to the dark forests of northern Russia, from the colorful towns of Renaissance Italy to the final moments of a millennial city under siegeā€¦.

Byzantium: the successor of Greece and Rome, this magnificent empire bridged […]

Saturday Open Thread

Frederick the Great tries to school the aging master. Bach is having none of it.

Tuesday Open Thread

I love this book — fascinating read by Max Boot.

Friday Open Thread

If you follow the link you can get this for $15.00 on (or free with their 30 day trial). David Straithairn plays Abraham Lincoln and Richard Dreyfuss is Senator Stephen Douglas in these readings of the famous Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858. They really come alive and they also highlight just how far our […]

Thursday Open Thread

On this date in 1815 Napoleon was defeated at The Battle of Waterloo.

Saturday Open Thread

Thursday Open Thread

Zone Rouge

Fog by Marc Rebisz — a rendering of Zone Rouge

What do you do when your country, ravaged by 4 years of Hell on Earth war has an extraordinary area of land in which the unexploded ordnance and animal and human remains are too numerous to account for much less remove them and the […]