Michaelangelo and the Mechanics

Photographer Freddy Fabris, who is a big fan of the Renaissance masters and their work, was visiting an auto mechanic shop in the Midwest when he was struck by an inspiration. He decided to recreate some of the most famous paintings of the period using the mechanics as subjects. The results are both impressive and […]

Friday Night Fight - The Kingsman: SJW Edition

Looks like the Thought Police have finally pushed Chris and Meg too far.

Warning: NSFW violence.

When even Family Guy – freaking Family Guy – has had enough of SJWs and their bullying, you know they’re losing popularity, even on the Left.

And Family Guy is in good company, as The Simpsons has […]

Iowahawk FTW!

I can feel that burn from here! The mind of Iowahawk should be declared a national treasure.

Saturday Open Thread

You know what's worse than Batman? Sandworms.

Can’t unsee that.

Friday Open Thread

I hear it was Michael Jackson's favorite holiday destination.

Silly tourists.


Tuesday Open Thread


We all know that feeling.

Sunday Open Thread

I.. I love this… =')

Tuesday Open Thread

A lawyer's Christmas card…

Sunday Open Thread