Friday Open Thread

Pinch-hitting for Floyd this morning. And guess what? Our favorite artist is back!


Jeff Dunham(‘s puppets) on why comedians won’t make fun of Hillary.

Funny or Die? Funny

Kudos to Zach Galifianakis for napalming the landscape making fun of pretty much everyone. I am shocked Hillary’s people let her do this. I’m sure she’s playing along but the stiffness works against her.

Problem Solved!

Praise be to our nonspecific deity, fellow citizens, because in the new season of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have fixed our problematic National Anthem at last.

Friday Open Thread 

Monday Night Mashup: Winter Star

Those of you who are into ’90s music will appreciate this: some mad genius mashed up Smash Mouth’s “All Star” and the Tori Amos piano ballad “Winter”. And in some inexplicable way, they fit together really well. Yes, this is just the kind of insanity the Internet does so brilliantly. Don’t even try to figure […]

From the Trailer Park: Amazon Pilot Season — Comedies

Amazon once again gives its customers a voice in what shows get picked up. The abive is Jean-Clause Van Johnson starring Jean Claude Van Damme as himself who is a retired movie star and “Johnson” is his undercover alias. I watched this last night and it’s pretty funny in spots — a combo spoof […]

For your consideration…

Given the photograph we use as a header around here some of you might want to think about buying this when it comes out…

It’s coming out on BluRay in OCT. Feel free to use our Amazon link to purchase and help everyone out. 🙂

Sunday Open Thread 

Bob Ross Draws Muhammed

This is really funny. You gotta love Steven Crowder. The man is a brilliant satirist with a love of the First Amendment and cajones of steel. We need a lot more like him in the world.

Also, his impression of the famous “Joy of Painting” PBS host is spot-on here. And probably not entirely […]