It's Not Easy Being A Hero

This is missing a few great moments from the Iron Man series; other than that a great montage.

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Best deployment photo ever.

Troll Of The Week

You may have heard that some liberal students at Yale are having a kinda, sorta hunger strike in order to get better union benefits. This little “gimme gimme” temper tantrum is made even funnier by the fact that the students are allowing themselves to eat if they get really hungry. (Way to take a stand […]

Truth Is Stupider Than Fiction

Remember this idiot from Talladega Nights?

Or this stupid billboard from Idiocracy?

Man, how stupid are they? Fortunately, those were just Hollywood satire. There’s no way anyone could be dumb enough to say that in real li-

Oh. Never mind, then. Stay classy, HuffPo! Can’t imagine why you lost that election, when […]

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Fly United

R.I.P. -- Don Rickles

Saddened beyond words hearing the loss of, in my book, stand-up comedy’s finest. Not only did Don Rickles rank as my #1 Hollywood encounter, being called a hockey puck by THE man while I literally fell out of my chair during his unloading rapid-fire politically incorrect insults back in my Disney days, but his was […]

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Troll level: expert

Keep It Together, Man! Keep It Together!

Work from home, they said. You’ll be productive, they said.

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