Let's Generalize About Men!

Very funny song from the new season of the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that mocks modern feminists and their views toward men.

I don’t watch the show – not my cup of tea – but Mrs. C tells me it’s a real kick to watch. Certainly there’s more self-awareness and self-mockery in this three-minute […]

Is Your Clothing Woke Enough?

Funny SNL sketch mocking corporate left-wing SJW pandering.

Friday Open Thread

Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein (1974)

Monday Night Mashup - Beauty And The Deadpool

This excellent fan film mashes up Deadpool and the song “Gaston” from Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. Very funny, and impressively well-made for a fan project. (NSFW warning, it is Deadpool after all):

Also, in Marvel movie tradition, make sure you watch till after the credits.

From the Trailer Park #TBT Edition -- Thor III

The Helmer Zone!

A new classic, my friends.

Okay, I know I already talked about this in yesterday’s OT, but it’s so unbelievably cringe-inducing it just needs its own post. If Trump had secretly paid the Dems to sabotage themselves, I don’t think they could have come up with anything worse than this campaign ad for a state […]

Dad Joke Time!

Okay, Threedonia, enough politics and hurricanes for a while, let’s have some fun. Tell me your best Dad Joke. You know Dad Jokes, those cheesy, groan-inducing puns that dads (and sometimes moms) torment their kids with. Here are a few amusing examples to familiarize yourself with:

There’s very little that’s funnier to me […]

Irony Is Ironic

Seen at Ace of Spades.

Peyton Manning Is Not Handling Retirement Well

This is funny stuff.

Sunday Open Thread

Well…do they? pic.twitter.com/t2uvR8RvEJ

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