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Monday Open Thread

Took a break from grading to educate my son on the origins of the saying "Who's on first?"

Happy Kick A Hippie, I mean Earth Day!

Gaia knows we’re all undoubtedly enjoying this wonderful environmentalist holiday (founded by a man who murdered his girlfriend and turned her into compost), so I thought I’d celebrate by sharing this little gem from a long-ago, more politically incorrect age known as the ’90s.

Man I miss In Living Color, and I miss […]

Sorry, Not Sorry

Andrew Klavan is awesome. If I ever became president, this would pretty much sum up my foreign policy.

This freaking guy.

Is it 2017 yet?

Wednesday Open Thread

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Double Unintendre

Happy #PresidentsDay!

Learn more about all 44 of them ?

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) February 15, 2016

I love this photo for two reasons.

1. I love the silliness of it — and in that I’d love it regardless of the POTUS in the mix of the Nationals’ […]

From The Trailer Park - Join or Die with Craig Ferguson

A talk show about American history hosted by Craig Ferguson. Premieres February 18th on The History Channel.

Ain't got a thing if ya ain't got that swing

The Finns apparently still have a thing or two to learn about anti-rape videos. Here’s the latest Taki’s Mag piece from David Cole Stein to tell you more [TRIGGER-WARNING: For those with an aversion to male cheerleaders not named George W. Bush, the video parody Dave and I produced referenced within].

“[A] young blond […]

Is that code for something?