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Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

Yes it’s obligatory to post the WKRP in Cincinnati’s “Turkey’s Away” episode — don’t care. This is the apex of American television.

And Happy Thanksgiving Day Threedonians!

The Ultimate Safe Space

Funny SNL skit poking fun at the liberal reaction to the election.


Now get your coffee and run along, Snowflake.

The Candidate We Need In 2016

In what I am assuming is a work of satire (although this year, you never know), The Federalist’s Greg Sorrell has scored an interview with the leading presidential candidate among millennials: The Sweet Meteor of Death.

An excerpt:

GREG: Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton claims to have spent her life fighting for women, children, […]

They're With Her

Still unsure why millennial women are so enthusiastic about voting for Hillary Clinton? Well, fear not, because just in time for Halloween, YouTubers Lauren Southern and June Lapine explain their Hillary support for us.

Dr. Strange Needs To Earn A Living, Too

Funny stuff. Also, Cumberbatch’s American accent is on point.

You Guys Are Dangerous

Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man has been in a lot of great movies. And he’s clearly a good sport, as evidenced by this video of him and James Corden acting out most of Cruise’s filmography in a very funny nine-minute montage.

Wednesday Open Thread 

H/t Andrew Klavan

Sunday Open Thread 

The Adult In The Room