Dr. Strange Needs To Earn A Living, Too

Funny stuff. Also, Cumberbatch’s American accent is on point.

You Guys Are Dangerous

Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but the man has been in a lot of great movies. And he’s clearly a good sport, as evidenced by this video of him and James Corden acting out most of Cruise’s filmography in a very funny nine-minute montage.

Wednesday Open Thread 

H/t Andrew Klavan

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The Adult In The Room

Suck It, Joss Whedon.

Dear Hollywood, stop trying to tell us who to vote for, you arrogant, condescending, narcissistic, overpaid, coke-sniffing, child-fondling, limousine liberal a-holes.

Sincerely, the rest of America.

Tuesday Open Thread


I'm Outraged That You Suggested I Was Outraged!

As anyone who watches Portlandia – Fred Armisen’s dead-on satire of Northwestern liberals – knows, one of the funniest recurring sketches is the Feminist Bookstore. Well, in a case of life imitating satire, the real Portland-based feminist bookstore and community center where the sketches are filmed has responded to the show’s depiction of feminists […]

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Friday Open Thread

Pinch-hitting for Floyd this morning. And guess what? Our favorite artist is back!