We're Back, Baby!

Do my eyes deceive me, or is Saturday Night Live actually making fun of the Democrats as old and out-of-touch? Maybe the recent wins in Virginia convinced them that the Dems are on the comeback trail so it’s safe to mock them. Granted, it’s not as hard as they’ve gone after Trump and the Republicans, […]

Go Tigers!

Excellent satirical video from Reason TV about two Mayors competing to have Amazon open its new HQ in their town. A funny skewering of crony capitalism. I’m not a big Reason fan, but occasionally they put out a gem like this.

Shapiro Wins Best Costume

Ben Shapiro usually kills it with his Halloween costumes – consider last year’s great Thug Life Costume, in a nod to the Ben Shapiro Thug Life YouTube fan channel – but the one he wore yesterday was fantastic. Check it out, check-it-outers:

Thor Didn't Get The Memo About This Holiday

A little Halloween humor, courtesy of Texts From Superheroes. Happy Halloween, Threedonia!

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

This week, we’ve got soldiers, cowboys, washed-up action stars and crazy fashion designers! Hit the jump to see all the new trailers.

1. 12 Strong, about the first Special Forces team deployed into Afghanistan after 9/11. Chris Hemsworth stars as Captain Mitch Nelson, the team leader. Michael Shannon, Michael Pena, Rob Riggle, and Geoff Stults […]

Let's Generalize About Men!

Very funny song from the new season of the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that mocks modern feminists and their views toward men.

I don’t watch the show – not my cup of tea – but Mrs. C tells me it’s a real kick to watch. Certainly there’s more self-awareness and self-mockery in this three-minute […]

Is Your Clothing Woke Enough?

Funny SNL sketch mocking corporate left-wing SJW pandering.

Friday Open Thread

Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein (1974)

Monday Night Mashup - Beauty And The Deadpool

This excellent fan film mashes up Deadpool and the song “Gaston” from Disney’s Beauty And The Beast. Very funny, and impressively well-made for a fan project. (NSFW warning, it is Deadpool after all):

Also, in Marvel movie tradition, make sure you watch till after the credits.

From the Trailer Park #TBT Edition -- Thor III