He Runs Like The Wind

In the lighter side of European news, a Swedish soccer player (pictured above) was flagged and thrown out of the game for a rather unique reason:

[The referee] gave Adam Lindin Ljungkvist two yellow cards, and finally a red, when he broke wind during a match.

The ref called Adam’s flatulence “unsportsmanlike” and, according […]

Ode To Special Snowflakes

With apologies to Doc Schplatt, Kit and all the other Threedonians of the Millennial persuasion, it’s about time their generation got its own theme song, and thankfully this guy (who has some wicked cool acapella skills BTW) has graciously provided:

Okay, so it’s overgeneralizing, but it’s catchy and amusing, and that’s what really matters, […]

Tuesday Open Thread

Dad Life, yo

Happy Father’s Day, Threedonia!

A Father’s Day Poem

Monday Open Thread

h/t: Instapundit. Careful what you wish for…

Tuesday Open Thread

We’ll kick May 2016 out the door with a bit of dark humor…

Thursday Open Thread

As seen on the Book of Face.

Tuesday Open Thread

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