Newborn At 24

Recent technological advances have led to some amazing childbirth stories, but none quite like the story of Emma Wren, a baby girl who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on November 25th. What makes her birth so unique? She is a lot older than she looks; prior to her birth last month, she was an […]

Female Body Parts 2018!

You may recall that only a couple of months ago, a Virginia Democrat named Dan Helmer destroyed his own political career before it began by running what I assumed to be the cringiest campaign ad of the year. I was wrong. I was so very, very wrong.

Meet Dana Nessel, who’s running for Attorney […]

The Mob Drools

John Ziegler’s red-hot column on how an ignorant Twitter mob is trying to destroy Greg Schiano due to allegations related to Jerry Sandusky, and how they could NOT possibly be more wrong. The truth, as always, readily available for any willing to digest it.

The backlash against his hire, fueled largely by Tennessee based radio […]

He Puts The OH In Ohio, Apparently

Bill O’Neill is an Ohio Supreme Court Justice and a Democrat who is running for Governor of the state, and has decided to get some social media attention for his campaign in an…interesting way. After hearing about the sexual harassment allegations against fellow Democrat Al Franken, he decided to respond to them by posting the […]

Coitus Shooteruptus

As I’ve mentioned on here in the past, for some inexplicable reason a lot of the weird news that comes out of Western Washington comes out of Everett (a working-class suburb north of Seattle that Boeing put on the map). Call it the Florida of my neck of the woods, if you will. At […]

Hollywood's Best and Worst Investments

When you think of the Hollywood actors who really bring in the box office dough, who do you think of? Tom Cruise? Tom Hanks? Will Smith? George Clooney? (Just kidding about that last one, Clooney’s a sucky actor whose movies almost always bomb; the only reason he still gets work is because he’s a […]

Sometimes Halloween Comes Early

I’m not sure how familiar you folks are with Drag Queen Storytime, but it’s a program that leftists in the public libraries have created to help “destigmatize” LGBTQ+ people. The idea is that they bring in drag queens to read to children at storytime, thus teaching them that gays/trans/etc. are perfectly normal and well-balanced folks […]

The Pigs of Hollywood

In the wake of the ever-growing Harvey Weinstein scandal, author and former music journalist Thomas Wictor sent out a tweetstorm on the subject yesterday that is a pretty amazing read (although I do have one caveat with it, which I will discuss later). You can read the entire series of tweets here, but I […]

Stay Classy, Liberals

Ever since Trump got elected, liberals have been abandoning their peacenik values and ramping up the violence talk, with endless pronouncements to “punch Nazis” and #Resist by any means necessary and so on. But now with this horrible mass shooting of mostly white country music fans in Las Vegas, this would seem like a sobering […]

Thursday Open Thread 

Pablo Escobar and family at Disneyland.