Coitus Shooteruptus

As I’ve mentioned on here in the past, for some inexplicable reason a lot of the weird news that comes out of Western Washington comes out of Everett (a working-class suburb north of Seattle that Boeing put on the map). Call it the Florida of my neck of the woods, if you will. At […]

Karma Is A Biotch

You may remember the story of the White Rose Coffee Shop in Massachusetts, which was in the news recently. If not, here’s a brief recap. It’s common practice for coffee shops to hold Coffee With A Cop events, which bring police officers and community members together to discuss issues and gain a greater understanding […]

Democrats Are Woke To The Patriarchy

Most people are under the impression that dystopian sci-fi Hollywood stories like The Handmaid’s Tale and The Stepford Wives were intended as metaphors for women’s rights on issues like abortion and the workplace. But on the contrary, did you know we are actually living in an Islamic-style patriarchy where millions of American women are […]

That's A Fail!

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Pumping Iron

Hopefully this didn’t involve curls.

A man in Germany… Worms to be exact got his schwanstucher stuck in a weight plate. Story at the link above…

The Helmer Zone!

A new classic, my friends.

Okay, I know I already talked about this in yesterday’s OT, but it’s so unbelievably cringe-inducing it just needs its own post. If Trump had secretly paid the Dems to sabotage themselves, I don’t think they could have come up with anything worse than this campaign ad for a state […]

A Hurricane Of Stupidity

Nope, not even close to accurate

So conservative Christian actor Kirk Cameron is all over the mainstream media today, due to a video he posted Thursday in which he discussed Hurricane Irma and the other recent storms and offered some Biblical context to them. Cameron has been the liberal media’s favorite whipping boy ever […]

Transitions Down Under

With all the media spotlight on the transgender issue, here is one case from Australia that our media will likely never cover:

Patrick Mitchell was diagnosed with gender dysphoria at age 12, meaning he viewed himself as a female although he was born a biological male.

“When he was young, he would dress up […]

Wilting Daisy

As I posted about last week, actor Ed Skrein announced that he has pulled out of playing a role in the upcoming Hellboy movie because the character was part Japanese in the comics and he didn’t want to be seen as racially insensitive. Half-Chinese actress Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy Johnson in Agents of […]

Tumblr Dumblr: Everyone Is Gay Now

No, this is not a parody. This is a real, sincere post that someone left on Tumblr.

Apparently the entire process by which humanity has reproduced itself for thousands of years is nothing more than a social construct, and the 97-98% of us who are straight have been brainwashed into it by society. […]