Death By Treehugger

Bad news, guys: liberals tried to help again.

Tens of thousands of minks have died after animal rights activists freed them from a farm without thinking about the consequences. Imagine that.

[The animals’] needless deaths occurred after the unidentified activists released 38,000 of them from a farm in Eden Valley, Minnesota, between […]

Welcome To Our World, Hippies!


Liberals before legalization: “We just need to legalize weed and tax it, then we can pay for everything we want!” Liberals after legalization: “Omigod you guys, these taxes on weed are too high!”

And they probably STILL can’t figure out how taxes are bad for the economy.


Grow Up, Parents

Much has been written about the rise of helicopter parenting, and how it has made kids more spoiled, entitled, snowflake-ish, etc. However, little has been discussed about what effect it has on the parents themselves, and on the experience of parenting. Writing in The American Spectator, Ben Stein has a thoughtful take on the […]

The Overt Racism of Progressives (#4,239 in a series)

Most of you have probably read some of the opinion pieces by enlightened, professional pundits explaining how President Trump’s speech to the Polish people is full of racist dog whistles. What do these geniuses cite as an example? Why, President Trump mentioned “Symphonies” as something positive, something good.

“Symphonies” is obviously a code word for […]

Tumblr Dumblr: Ultimate Gender Confusion Edition

The older I get, the harder it is for me to remember that every new generation has to learn everything all over again through new eyes. Thus, sometimes the simplest stuff that has been obvious to me for decades can be downright confounding to millennials who came of age in a more “woke” era.


Hollywood Idiot

Ultra-liberal actress Elizabeth Banks, best known for playing a shill for a decadent, totalitarian big government in The Hunger Games movies (she became an Obama apologist as research for the role), was at one of those awards shows nobody watches when she decided to climb on her diamond-studded soapbox about women not getting enough […]

4D Underwater Chess

It makes perfect sense, because shut up, that’s why!

We Can't Stop What We Refuse To See

There have been many awful responses by left-wing imbeciles to the recent string of terrorist attacks in England, mostly about how the real enemy is “Islamophobia” and how we can totally fight terrorism with the power of hugs and rainbows, but this asinine tweet by Bette Midler in response to the London Bridge attack has […]

It's Not Easy Being A Hero

This is missing a few great moments from the Iron Man series; other than that a great montage.

Friday Open Thread

H/t the Occupy Democrats Logic FB page. Yes, this is really the kind of argument they use to justify universal healthcare.