Why Liberals Lose In One Picture

About five years ago, the above picture of a woman falling out of her motorized cart was posted on People of Wal-Mart, a website devoted to making fun of the mostly working-class white people who shop at Wal-Mart. The picture went viral and was reposted on Reddit, Imgur, and other sites frequented mostly by […]

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Noon of the 20th cannot get here soon enough

The Adult In The Room

Suck It, Joss Whedon.

Dear Hollywood, stop trying to tell us who to vote for, you arrogant, condescending, narcissistic, overpaid, coke-sniffing, child-fondling, limousine liberal a-holes.

Sincerely, the rest of America.

I'm Outraged That You Suggested I Was Outraged!

As anyone who watches Portlandia – Fred Armisen’s dead-on satire of Northwestern liberals – knows, one of the funniest recurring sketches is the Feminist Bookstore. Well, in a case of life imitating satire, the real Portland-based feminist bookstore and community center where the sketches are filmed has responded to the show’s depiction of feminists […]

2016 Summed Up In One Picture


And bear in mind that this was Tweeted by a Hillary supporter. Can we please take a mulligan on this year?

Death (of a State Economy) and Taxes

As the state of Connecticut recently reached the 25-year anniversary of its income tax, Fred Lucas at The Daily Signal has taken a look at how the state has fared since the tax’s inception. It was proposed in 1991 by the state’s Governor, former Republican-turned-Independent Gov. Lowell Weicker. Citing the high debt and out-of-control […]


Actor/Director Mark Ruffalo

I’ll preface this post by noting that I like Mark Ruffalo as an actor. He has brought great heart and a certain world-weariness to his roles in The Avengers films, the cop in Zodiac, and Shutter Island among others. If he’s in a film I’m more like than not to check […]

5 Questions For The Owner of the Reparations Website

A Black Lives Matter activist named Natasha Marin has created a website called Reparations, which brings together “People of Color” who desire a good or service, and “people who identify as White” who can alleviate their collective guilt for slavery by providing a good or service. In other words, it’s like Tinder, only with […]