From The Trailer Park - Doom

A reboot of the classic first person shooter game about a Marine who must fight against the forces of Hell after a portal to the underworld is opened.

Hey, it’s gotta be better than the movie version Hollywood put out, right?

The Walking Thread: Twice As Far (S6, E14)

I mentioned in a previous review that TWD very much subscribes to American Sniper’s philosophy of humanity being divided up into sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. In keeping with this theme, “Twice As Far” tells the story of two sheep (Denise and Eugene) who decide to venture out of the safety of Alexandria into the […]

The Walking Thread: No Way Out (S6, E9)

Intense, heartbreaking and badass, “No Way Out” is a fantastic midseason premiere that delivers for TWD fans on every expected level (and goes above and beyond on some of them). It runs the characters (and us) through a gamut of emotions before climaxing with one of the single best set pieces in the show’s […]

Deadpool 2016!

Guns and chimichangas for everyone…whether they like it or not.

Tumblr Dumblr - Brony Edition

As always with Tumblr, it’s hard to tell satire from reality, but given what I know about Millennial SJWs, I’d say there’s a 95% chance this is legit.

If this is how these little snowflakes are approaching their career prospects, no wonder they need free money from Bernie.

Oh, and if you don’t […]

Launch, Land, Repeat.

THIS is all kinds of awesome. Spend that sweet Amazon money!

History is Made in West Texas

Well, this is where all that sweet Amazon money that Bezos makes is going to…

A 100% totally reusable spacecraft, landed vertically from sub-orbit… bet you didn’t see this on the evening news.

Tumblr Dumblr: Relationship Intolerance Edition

So bisexuals who enter into relationships with the opposite sex are traitors and should be shunned. Welcome to the new fascism.

But remember, it’s conservatives who didn’t want to redefine marriage who need to “stay out of our bedroom”.

Tumblr Dumblr: Demonic Post-Halloween Edition

“Demonkin”. No, that’s not a joke. There are millennials out there who actually think they are demons in human bodies. Even though the most evil thing they’ve ever done is insult someone from behind their laptop screen. This is where the liberal “I identify as” bullshit gets us, people.

Thursday Open Thread

The good news is… we’re back up. The bad news? The backup server may have just been destroyed too. Who needs 8 years of comments and posts?