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STEM Winders

From the outset I will cop to the fact that I’m not an expert on any alleged shortfalls or coming shortfalls in scientists, mathematicians, et al. or prevarications on the numbers concerning alleged shortfalls. That being said, it has been trumpeted as scientific fact that the United States lags far behind other countries in [...]

Tuesday Open Thread

The “Suck” of the Union: The Republican Response

Eh, I’m with Ace.  I can’t bear to listen.  So I rely on others to do it for me:

David Burge @iowahawkblog If this was a high school assembly, I’d already be sitting in detention for making arm-crook fart noises. #SOTU Or maybe not. Bring along the best reactions to the evening.  Or, if you actually sat [...]

The Last Compromise

Walter Russell Mead has a tour de force article on the history of race relations in the U.S. at The American Interest

Many hoped that the election of the first African-American President of the United States meant a decisive turn in the long and troubled history of race relations in the United States. And indeed [...]

Movement of the People

Mark Steyn has a great column today up at NRO called “Exodus”:

As far as the media were concerned, the murder of Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse and a black teenager in Florida were the same story — literally: Angry white male opens fire on “the other,” his deeply ingrained racism inflamed by the tide of [...]

Hey Man! I Was Born in East Dallas!

You can’t make this stuff up… a black teenager from Dallas, runs away from home, gets arrested in Houston for theft, and then gets deported to Colombia — knowing no Spanish. Kudos ICE.

Family members said Thursday night that they were thrilled at the news that the 15-year-old would be returning home.

“It’s a giant [...]

That Pesky Rule of Law

We all know that every President since George Washington, at some point in their Presidency, has wished he could take the ship of state out for a spin without Congressional oversight. Some more than others perhaps. We also all know that the current POTUS has authoritarian instincts. That being said… his incessant and adolescent [...]

O, BarryO — 6 and 3 is 9, 9 and 9 is 18 …

"Silly, silly lawmakers. I’ll make you all irrelevant soon enough."

Be sure to check out the whole of the Neil Munro’s Daily Caller column. He lays a decent smackdown on the President’s repeated refusals to accept what both Democrat and Republican congresses have refused to give him. Keep blaming or pointing the finger at [...]

Ozzie Guillen

I like Ozzie Guillen — manager of the Chicago White Sox. I’m not completely sure of the man’s politics (and I probably don’t want to know)… but he’s always a great interview, he manages like he played the game — balls to the wall, and I completely agree with how he views Sean Penn. [...]

His Heart Is In Norway

Our friend Lars Walker, grandson of Norway — which figures prominently in his fiction — has a piece on Norway, last week’s spree killing, and evil at The American Spectator:

I’m three-quarters Norwegian by extraction. I speak the language and have visited the country on four occasions. I love the place, second only [...]