Born This Way, Except When They're Not

The liberal narrative on gays and lesbians is as follows: homosexuals are born that way. It’s a rock-solid, inherent part of who they are. There is no choice involved. And anyone who disagrees is a homophobic, Bible-thumping, redneck bigot who is worse than Hitler.

But what if the data didn’t reflect this reality? […]

Welcome To Our World, Hippies!


Liberals before legalization: “We just need to legalize weed and tax it, then we can pay for everything we want!” Liberals after legalization: “Omigod you guys, these taxes on weed are too high!”

And they probably STILL can’t figure out how taxes are bad for the economy.


4D Underwater Chess

It makes perfect sense, because shut up, that’s why!

“Doesn’t It Bother You, Arresting Your Own Kind?”

Great video from The Daily Signal about Arturo Payan, the son of an illegal alien who became a Border Patrol Agent in California. His thoughtful words say all that needs to be said about why we need to secure our borders.

The Ugly Liberal Mindset


It’s not a pleasant read, but this insane AlterNet article titled “An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America” is about as accurate a look into the ugliness and misanthropy of the liberal mind as you will ever read.

The author’s assault on “rural white Christian America” starts out by […]

Well, How About That?

Liberals are mad because Ben Carson referred to slaves as immigrants. But Obama liked that comparison so much, he made it no less than eleven times. Liberal outrage: zero.

That’s because liberals don’t believe in anything except power. Carson is on the other side and thus his success in that role represents a […]

Fooled Again (I Don't Like It)

Tom Petty deservedly honored this past weekend at the MusiCares pre-Grammys weekend show. Millions-mile-long list of acts paying tribute to a man who’s carved out an even millions-more-miles-deep catalog over five decades. As a lifelong fan over all those years, very cool seeing not only a wide variety of genres representin’, but a multi-generational vibe […]

Bitter (Very Bitter) Irony

A new article in the New York Times, which purports to explain how conservative media outlets are shrewdly using lefty celebrity freak-outs over the election to bolster populist conservatism, is a real piece of work. By which I mean, it’s incredibly sleazy and hypocritical.

It starts out fair and unbiased enough, explaining on […]

I'm Outraged That You Suggested I Was Outraged!

As anyone who watches Portlandia – Fred Armisen’s dead-on satire of Northwestern liberals – knows, one of the funniest recurring sketches is the Feminist Bookstore. Well, in a case of life imitating satire, the real Portland-based feminist bookstore and community center where the sketches are filmed has responded to the show’s depiction of feminists […]

So Long Playboy, I Knew You Well

There is nothing worse than seeing something in the twilight of it’s glory years try and hang on only to fail miserably.

Many of us of a certain age saw our first naked woman in the pages of Playboy magazine. For a time there the magazine specialized in featuring women that while they posed for […]