Missing Christians

Whatever your views of the brouhaha over Syrian refugees (and many of them are refugees — which colors the debate over, but does not resolve the issues involved with whether or not to take them in) there is no doubt that the group is mostly Muslim even though Syria’s total population was 10% Christian […]

Wednesday Open Thread

When people parrot the “fact” that no refugees have been arrested in terrorism plots since 9/11 you can give them a three word response: Boston. Marathon. Bombers. Their family sought asylum in 2002 and the sons came her under derivative asylum rights in 2006. Parsing it, they’ll say it’s not refugee status. It’s a […]

Sunday Open Thread

Saturday Open Thread

Bataille de Poitiers, en octobre 732, by Charles de Steuben

Mister we could use a man like Charles “The Hammer” Martel again.

The Problem of Islam

Reposted and updated from this past January

We have been well informed and well warned about the true nature of Islam since its very beginning:

“When the candidatus was killed by the Saracens, I was at Caesarea and I set off by boat to Sykamina. People were saying “the candidatus has been killed,” and […]