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1. Nightcrawler

Following the lead of Ryan Gosling in “Drive”, Jake Gyllenhaal produces and stars in this dark L.A.-based thriller. But while “Drive” was basically just a stylish but overrated artsy remake of “The Transporter”, “Nightcrawler” goes deeper, a potent satire of media sensationalism and blind ambition. Gyllenhaal gives an outstanding performance as Leo […]

10 Things I Learned From Losing 110 Pounds

I have struggled with being overweight (and by “overweight”, I mean pretty much straight-up obese) for most of my life. As a kid I preferred movies, video games and playing music to exercising, and spent way too much time sitting in front of the TV and eating unhealthy junk. If the body is a […]

Last Five Watched

1. Dead Snow : Red vs. Dead. For his sequel to the blood-splattered but unremarkable Norwegian zombie flick “Dead Snow”, writer/director Tommy Wirkola ups the ante considerably, resulting in a more entertaining film, but also one that will be difficult for anyone but the most hardcore horror fans to enjoy. While the first film used […]

10 Real-life Conservatives Played by Liberal Actors in Movies

Other than snorting coke off of an underage stripper’s body, there’s nothing Hollywood actors like to do more than tell us how much conservatives suck. So it’s not surprising, then, that they relish the opportunity to play a conservative character, as a great way to pour all of their straw-man hate into the role. Occasionally, […]

The 10 Most Conservative Foreign Movies of All Time

Most Americans tend to avoid any foreign movie that doesn’t involve crouching tigers or hidden dragons (or Monica Belucci), and it’s hard to blame them. The snobby leftists that propagate our culture have gone out of their way to ensure that the foreign movies that get the attention are as artsy, pretentious and anti-American as […]

Top 10 Overlooked Movies of the 2000s

Greetings fellow Threedonians, JimmyC here. I stole the keys to the place from Floyd while he was having his afternoon siesta (shh, let’s keep it between us), and since there hasn’t been a movie list on here in a while, I thought I’d contribute one.

One of the perks of being a movie geek buff […]

In It For the Long Take

CineFix has collected a medley of 12 “long takes” they consider the best. The usual suspects are here (as opposed to The Usual Suspects) — it’s a good list. Any list of long takes that doesn’t take into account the ne plus ultra of long takes… “The Russian Ark” is suspect though.


3D Weekend Five: Families, The Sequel

And now for the best TV families.  Cartoons & Reality TV count, only if there’s no one named “Kardashian” or “Gosselin”.

5.  The Hecks from The Middle:  Because this show has gotten better with age.  Partly because they’ve allowed the three kids to grow out of their early twerpy-ness.  And Dad is the smartest guy […]

3D Weekend Five: A Family Affair

Best movie families (TV is for a later Five!):

5.  The Buckmans in Parenthood (1989):  Steve Martin gives his best performance in this Ron Howard film.  Once you watch Jason Robards’ turn as his bitter father, you’ll marvel that Martin’s character ever had a chance at being a successful dad — but he is! funny, inventive, […]

3D Weekend Five: The “Watch It/Read It/Do It” List

This started out as “Watch Me/Read Me/Do Me”, until I reread it.

It’s the start of a new year — make some recommendations to your fellow 3Ders.

5.  VH1 picked up “Happy Endings”, which is a wild, goofball Friends retread, set in Chicago.  Before ABC dropped the axe (after three seasons), it had hit cult […]