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Interesting video of the ever-changing face of Europe — tracing the last 900 years or so of changing maps — almost every year something changes.

The music is from the soundtrack of Inception

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

This folks is what’s called a “realist” view of the situation in Ukraine. From a blog called Traditional Right — The View from Olympus — Another Crimean War?

It may be that the winter Olympics in Sochi will have yet another, even more spectacular closing ceremony. What might that be? Russia retaking the Crimea.


Country on Top

Daddy… Why is North America on top of South America? I guess it’s time we had the talk about continents and positions. Here, read this from al-Jazeera America about why North is up.

Why do maps always show the north as up? For those who don’t just take it for granted, the common answer [...]

Saturday Open Thread

Map of the region in crisis..

Making 3-Donia History!

View from my window.

The first Threedonia Post made from the Southern Hemisphere. Ever.

And I did it. Top that, Floyd.

In Class With Floyd — Geography

Ruthenian homelands overlaid with gas pipelines from Russia to Europe. From The Economist, 2009

Four years ago, almost to the day, I posted a story about an obscure (to Americans anyway) ethnic group called the Ruthenians whose homeland, as you can see above is in the region of the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, Belarus, et [...]

Leery Canal

Old dreams die hard it seems. Dreams of a Nicaraguan canal are as old as well… the New World. Talk heated up in the 19th century before Panama was settled upon as the only feasible route. Whether it’s a resurrection of fevered dreams or Obama’s “speak loudly and carry a small stick” diplomacy or [...]

Breaking Up Was Hard to Do

From io9 comes this map of Pangaea with modern political borders super-imposed.

Redditor LikeWolvesDo, who posted the image last week, stumbled across this particular interpretation of Pangea at this roundup of Pangea Maps. Unfortunately, the source link is dead, so neither of us was able to find the map’s true provenance. At the [...]

Is America Racist? NO. Next Question.

Map: Click to enlarge. Data source: World Values Survey

The Washington Post has an interesting piece on a survey a couple of Swedish economists conducted on attitudes towards race around the world.

When two Swedish economists set out to examine whether economic freedom made people any more or less racist, they knew how they [...]

Map Quest

I’ve noted my love of maps on here before. One of the joys of my career is teaching the undergraduate survey World Geography course. Here’s a great piece from the Wall Street Journal attempting to put the age of digital maps in context.

But my favorite cartographic error is the Mountains of Kong, a [...]