Keep It Together, Man! Keep It Together!

Work from home, they said. You’ll be productive, they said.

R.I.P. Happy Warrior

Five years ago today we lost the great Andrew Breitbart, one of conservatism’s bravest and strongest warriors. His loss is felt by the conservative movement every day, but we continue to be spurned on by his example to be fearless and always “walk towards the fire.” While he was no fan of Donald Trump […]

If A Religious Genocide Doesn't Fit The Narrative, Did It Really Happen?

A new report shows that, for the umpteenth year in a row, Christians were the most persecuted religious group of the past year. And how:

In all of 2016, nearly 90,000 Christians were martyred around the world, according to a new study by an Italian research group.

According to the Center for Studies on […]

Tuesday Open Thread 

Farewell and godspeed  (from writing syndicated columns) Thomas Sowell

A Small Victory For Life

No doubt you recall the videos released by Project Veritas last year exposing Planned Parenthood as human organ traffickers. While the mainstream media made much of the fact that PP continues to receive taxpayer funding and benefits (about which liberals took a victory lap), a story the media has conveniently not covered is that […]

Bitter (Very Bitter) Irony

A new article in the New York Times, which purports to explain how conservative media outlets are shrewdly using lefty celebrity freak-outs over the election to bolster populist conservatism, is a real piece of work. By which I mean, it’s incredibly sleazy and hypocritical.

It starts out fair and unbiased enough, explaining on […]

Thursday Open Thread

Yes, that is the same author of the same publication, talking about the same subject (white outfits), but look how the headlines change when talking about the future First Lady Trump vs. Hillary. And they wonder why they lost.

Sunday Open Thread 

Great book.

The Mark Steyn Show

Mark Steyn has announced he is partnering with Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin at CRTV and will host a 1 hour show every weekday.

This will probably be my first foray into subscriber-based video content. Believe it or not, the Fireflies don’t have Netflix or Hulu or Amazon… We’ve never had HBO or Showtime… […]

From The Trailer Park - Christine

A film about Christine Chubbuck (Rebecca Hall, The Town), the mentally unstable Florida reporter who in 1974, after a series of personal and professional setbacks, committed suicide live on air. Also stars Michael C. Hall (Dexter).