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Best Analysis of the Trump Phenomenon I’ve Heard So Far

I think there is something in this video clip for all Threedonian tastes; Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root interviewed by Governor Sarah Palin gives a very astute analysis of why Donald Trump is resonating with voters. He even uses a Dallas Cowboys analogy to make his central point!


Credit where due. I wish we had a lot more of this from the Speaker.

Commander in Chief

Former Bush Administration White House Press Secretary Dana Perino has a new book out. I heard her interviewed yesterday on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and she is, as fans of FOX’s “The Five” know, amazing — beautiful inside and out. The book sounds like a great read and an example of how to […]

How Do You Spell Hypocrite? M-S-N-B-C

The valiant class warriors over at MSNBC have a very taxing problem on their hands:

MSNBC’s hosts and guests regularly call for higher taxes on the rich, condemning wealthy individuals and corporations who don’t pay their taxes or make use of loopholes. But recent reports, as well as records reviewed by National Review, show […]

Killjoy is Here

Meanwhile in Great Britain the BBC Director General has to sign off on some jokes – from the Telegraph:

It has produced some of the finest comedies ever to grace British television screens, from Dad’s Army to Monty Python and Blackadder.

Viewers may be surprised to learn, then, about the lengths the BBC […]

Media Bias? Really?

New York Times crops George and Laura Bush out of Selma march photo

— Harfin' It (@DefendWallSt) March 8, 2015

They Blinded Themselves With Hatred?

Delfategate? Remember when steel couldn’t melt? Yeah me neither. Science is a bitch. Real science — not the sciencey stuff practiced by the media. Could it be that the New England Patriots will be vindicated by the law of Nature — and Nature’s God? I hope so — not because I love the Patriots. […]

One Panel of Truth

O Captain My Captain

I had the flu yesterday. Part of that involved going through my DVR and watching — for the second time — NFL Network’s show “Roger Staubach: A Football Life”. This is the greatest hour of television this year. They don’t make many like him — cliche, but true. The show will make its way […]

Narrative and Truth are not Synonyms

Stephen Carter, a Yale law professor, has a great op-ed up at Bloomberg View comparing the CIA “Torture Report” and Rolling Stone’s non-rape rape story.

A fascinating side event to the furor over the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on the treatment of post-Sept. 11 detainees has been the debate over the […]