Buh-bye, King Barry

To quote a Twitchy commenter: On January 20th, the Statue of Liberty will be like, “I’m gonna wash that man outta my hair!”

Why We Need An Electoral College

Any questions?

American Roulette

Ramirez sums up the election as only he can.

The Adult In The Room

Obama's Disaster

Ramirez sums up the Presidential priorities perfectly:

Stay classy, POTUS. Next January can’t get here fast enough.

The Morning After

Regrets? Only time will tell…

Thursday Open Thread

What Could Go Wrong?

Mr. Ramirez hits the nail on the head yet again.

Pure Evil

Members of ISIS continue to share their beautiful and vibrant culture with the world…

ISIS has executed 250 women in Mosul for refusing to become sex slaves under the group’s ‘sexual jihad’.

The victims had all been ordered to accept ‘temporary marriages’ to fighters in the terror group’s northern Iraq stronghold.

But when they […]

The Enemy At The Gates

Not gonna lie, I got chills off this one.