A Tale Of Two Comics

If it’s true that artists reveal their true souls through their art, then a political comic would definitely be a good means to do that. So let’s consider two comics about the rescues of people in the path of Hurricane Harvey, by blue-staters of different political persuasions.

First, the now-infamous one by liberal Matt Wuerker […]

Blowing Out The Light

The latest from Michael Ramirez. Get it straight, lefties: we protect free speech first, then we talk about your feelings, got it?

Friday Open Thread 

Dem Devolution

Michael Ramirez sums up the history of the Democratic Party as only he can.

Friday Open Thread 

Buh-bye, King Barry

To quote a Twitchy commenter: On January 20th, the Statue of Liberty will be like, “I’m gonna wash that man outta my hair!”

Why We Need An Electoral College

Any questions?

American Roulette

Ramirez sums up the election as only he can.

The Adult In The Room

Obama's Disaster

Ramirez sums up the Presidential priorities perfectly:

Stay classy, POTUS. Next January can’t get here fast enough.