Open Book Quiz

Obama sycophants and/or trolls, please take your time answering. We understand how difficult pop quizzes, even Open Book variety, can be, especially on a Monday.

One Panel of Truth


Sorry if this has already been shared in the Open Thread this week. As mentioned, my head’s been a little groggy. It’s finally awake, in no small part thanks to this.

Tremendous Slouch

BarryO’s a golfer, so figured the latest from Michael Ramirez would be up his fairway alley. So nice when the greats catch up to linking the President to sand-traps.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton called the Obama administration policy on Egypt “incoherent.” He’s right.

Let’s put aside the fact the Obama administration undermined an […]

Your daily dose of Ramirez — 3/8/2013

Now with editorial to accompany the cartoon …

According to NBC, cancelling White House Tours would save the administration $74,000 a week.

Pretending to be on the PGA tour and taking a separate vacation to train with Tiger Wood’s coach and then play a round with Tiger himself cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 million or […]

Nailed It

Ramirez knocks it out of the park.


Michael Ramirez is unimpressed with Obama’s “courage”. That makes at least two of us.

h/t: Powerline Which also spells out the lie against Romney and provides the text of what Romney really said about bin Laden.

Double Dose o’ Ramirez

Daily Dose of Ramirez — Operation Fast & Furious Edition

Will AG Holder’s and/or his colleagues’ ignorance qualify as a travesty or not? We’ll let BarryO and his infinite talent at pointing the finger elsewhere wisdom decide.

With Holder admitting he hasn’t spoken to Clinton or Napolitano about the scandal that killed 300 Mexican citizens in addition to Terry, and possibly killed Immigration and […]

Ouch, babe!