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Hubba Hubba Big Man: Draft Chat


I’m happy.  I love O-line guys (my all-time favorite NFL player was a center), and KC needs to bring back the glory days of Joe & Tim & Will & Willie.

How’s your team doing?  Andy Levy already tweeted his greatest fear:


assuming the jets will draft a point guard



Mourning the Loss

I just watched Mitt Romney deliver his concession speech, and it was typical of the man: gracious, elegant, forgiving, wise.

Wow, have I come to respect and admire and, dare I say, love my party’s nominee.  He was never my choice, but the more I learned about him, the more convinced I became that […]

Michelle Ready To Take On Iowa!

This photo was the one picked by the UK Telegraph to illustrate a story about the Iowa straw poll. Way to stay classy Telegraph!

Note to Ms. Bachmann, you might want to avoid corn/chili/hot dogs, bananas chocolate or plain and Popsicles while you are on the campaign trail…just sayin’

The whole entire awful […]

Go Bears!

Monday Morning Quarterback

Welcome to the first Monday in October Threedonians! The Supreme Court is in session and all is right with the world. Well… maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement on my part. The MMQB hopes you all had a restful weekend. As per the usual I will do my best to save you the hassle […]

Monday Morning Quarterback

Greetings once again Threedonians…. the MMQB is here after taking a one-week haitus for God knows why to do God knows what. In any case… as that famous philosopher Buckwheat once said… “Here I is!”

As is tradition around these parts… Wanks dragged herself from her gaggle of very exhausted Ramon Navarro look-a-likes to bring […]

Monday Morning Quarterback — 3-Day Weekend Version

I trust y’all had a great Labor Day Weekend… the numbers were so low it qualified for Polish higher mathematics. The MMQB today is supersized to take into account the extra day’s snore-fest festivities. Wanks once again kicked off the weekend officially asking you who your favorite movie cowboys were. Hers only wore assless chaps […]

Monday Morning Quarterback

Welcome back Threedonians! Time once again for your weekly tiptoe through this past weekend’s dregs highlights. Now that school is back in full swing in most places the MMQB trusts that most of you will do the right thing and do nothing but read Threedonia from here on out. Summer places a crimp on our […]

Monday Morning Quarterback

Good morning (at least on the West Coast) Threedonians. The MMQ had to take his youngest son to his first day of Kindergarten and console the Missus with a Starbucks at the first stage of empty nest so we’re out of the gate a bit late this morning. I trust your Monday sucks is wonderful […]

Monday Morning Quarterback

Greetings and salutations Threedonians. I hope this finds you sufficiently recovered from your hangovers to begin the work week — or whatever it is you do. Regardless, I know you can’t wait to review this weekend’s Threedonia offerings that you missed during your weekend of debauchery baccarat rewarding charity work and political activism.

The weekend […]