From the Trailer Park — Captain America: Civil War

Oh yeah.

Silents Are Golden

This short feature on Buster Keaton by “Every Frame a Painting” is well worth a few minutes of your time.

The Fading Cross: Christianity in European Cinema #CriterionBlogathon

(This is my entry for the Criterion Blogathon, which looks at films in the Criterion Collection.)

There’s no question that the 20th century, particularly the second half, was when Christianity saw a major decline as a political, social and cultural force in Europe.

It’s not hard to understand why: with two generations largely […]

Saturday Open Thread

From the film Rio Grande

From the Trailer Park - Zoolander 2

Stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Ferrell.

I suspect that, like Anchorman 2, this is a sequel that won’t be able to capture the hilarity of the original. But I admit that the trailer made me laugh harder than I expected, so fingers crossed.

From the Trailer Park: Like Air

Documentary that follows three teenage dancers as they prepare to compete in the national championship.

This is the kind of movie that Hollywood used to make before they decided that documentaries had to be all politics, all the time.

From the Trailer Park — Finding Dory

The sequel to Finding Nemo — out in 2016

Sunday Open Thread

John Wayne, The Searchers

From The Trailer Park - London Has Fallen

A sequel to the unexpectedly awesome Olympus Has Fallen.

Stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett.

The 7 Most Conservative Horror Movies of the 2000s

With all due respect to The Federalist, they’re seriously stretching logic with this list, so I thought I’d add one of my own. And to keep things simple, I’m focusing only on American movies that have come out in the 2000s. Here are the 7 most conservative horror movies of the last 15 years: