Jimmy's Mini-Reviews: What I've Been Watching

I’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff lately, but I don’t have time to give these movies/shows the write-ups they deserve, so here are some bite-size reviews to enjoy.

The Conjuring – someone here recommended this one in the comments (I can’t remember who), but I’m glad they did. Despite having almost no blood […]

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, fellow Threedonians! To help you enjoy what is hopefully a good holiday from work, school etc., here is a fresh batch of movie trailers. We’ve got Charlize Theron as a stay-at-home mom, a thriller about hostage negotiation in the Middle East, a creepy British horror story, a low-budget Biblical […]

Can’t We Talk About This?

Now showing on Amazon Prime. If you have the means, essential viewing.

2017 - The Year Liberals Lost Comics #Comicsgate

Back when our comics were written by people with common sense.

2017 was undoubtedly a year of high-profile conservative wins (the economy came roaring back, ISIS was virtually defeated, many of Trump’s key agenda was passed successfully) and liberal defeats (the Trump “resistance” was full of impotent freakouts and flame-outs, liberal attempts to control […]

The Mark Wahlberg/Michelle Williams Pay Gap Nontroversy Is Why The Media Sucks

You may have heard of a recent controversy regarding the movie All The Money In The World. No, not the fact that one of its stars, sexual harasser Kevin Spacey, was cut out of the film and replaced with another possible sexual harasser, Christopher Plummer, in reshoots. (Man, it’s really hard to keep track […]

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

Welcome to a new week, Threedonia! And now that sexual harassment and rape have been wiped out forever by the black dresses and lapel pins at the Golden Globes, we can go back to celebrating Hollywood as the completely sleaze-free town that we all know it is now! And with that in mind, here’s a […]

This Week's Movie Trailer Round-Up

Happy New Year, Threedonia! Let’s start off 2018 right, with a fresh batch of movie trailers. We’ve got creepy thrillers, kids’ films, and sequels galore. Follow the jump to see them all.

1. Mom and Dad

When a mysterious phenomenon causes parents to go insane and start attacking their children, two kids must survive their […]

This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

I hope everyone at Threedonia had a great Christmas! Here are some movie trailers to get you back into the swing of things right:

1. Chappaquiddick

Yep, they did it. They finally made a movie about how Ted Kennedy (played here by Zero Dark Thirty’s Jason Clarke) left a young campaign staffer named Mary […]

Thoughts On The 2017 Box Office

Well, as we near the end of the year, the box office grosses are in, and here are the top 10 grossing films in the U.S. for 2017:

1. Beauty and the Beast ($504 mil) 2. Wonder Woman ($412 mil) 3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 ($389 mil) 4. Spider-Man: Homecoming ($334 mil) 5. […]

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