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From The Trailer Park - Rememory

A professor is murdered shortly after inventing a device that records all of your memories. A friend (Peter Dinklage) uses the machine to sort through his memories and find the people responsible for the murder. Also stars Anton Yelchin, Julia Ormond, Henry Ian Cusack, Martin Donovan. Directed by Mark Palansky (A Series of Unfortunate […]

From The Trailer Park - The Death of Stalin

After the death of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leadership scrambles and squabbles to fill the power vacuum left behind. Stars Steve Buscemi, Jason Isaacs, Jeffrey Tambor, Paddy Considine, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Palin.

Armando Iannucci (Veep, In The Loop) finally brings his gift for political satire to a deserving target: communist bureaucracy. Based on […]

From The Trailer Park - Same Kind of Different As Me

A couple in a struggling marriage (Greg Kinnear, Renee Zellweger) befriend a homeless man (Djimon Honsou) and try to help him turn his life around. Also stars Jon Voight.

Thursday Open Thread 

Why Action Movies Suck Now

Our blogfather recently wrote an article titled 9 Ways Hollywood Destroyed The Movie Business. It’s a pretty good list, and Nolte covers a lot of the big-picture reasons why movies haven’t been very good lately. But one thing he neglects to mention is why action movies, the box office lifeblood of mainstream Hollywood for […]

From The Trailer Park - The American: The Search For Al-Amriki

A documentary about Hazem Farraj, the son of Muslim immigrants who converted to Christianity and became an anti-ISIS activist and advocate for human rights in the Middle East. The film follows his efforts to track down and catch “The American”, a man who joined ISIS and became a slave trader.

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Monday Open Thread 

Guardians Inferno

Have fun IDing all the people in this video…

Zardu Hasselfräu!