Thursday Open Thread 

Highly recommend Werner Herzog’s Netflix Original volcano documentary “Into the Inferno”

Tuesday Open Thread

This tree was hit by lightning in Baldwyn, MS. It burned the inside. From @jkroxie

— James Spann (@spann) April 22, 2017

Monday Open Thread 

A field of Dune verbena wildflowers paints the Anza Borrego Desert floor. Spring comes early in SoCal.

Wednesday Open Thread 

Makelle and Jared Ahlin of Santaquin Valley Utah discovered their baby rocking out. He or she is due in June.

Stop Helping

How many more times are these idiot protesters going to burn down the forest to save it before we stop putting up with it? Oh, and did I mention that these nature-lovers left two dogs and six puppies behind to freeze in the North Dakota winter?

Hey “environmentalists”, on behalf of my fellow […]

Friday Open Thread

Eruption of the Puyehue Cordon-Caulle volcano on June 5th 2011, Chile. The eruption started on the 4th of June at 11 am with a major explosion around 3 pm. This last one produced a disturbing 10km ash plume for the local population and the air traffic above South America and Oceania. (Francisco Negroni — […]

Tuesday Open Thread 

Well played, biology textbook. I see what you did there.

— You Had One Job (@_youhadonejob1) February 6, 2017

Monday Open Thread 

Milky Way in Texas Big Bend by Morteza Safataj Photography

The Veins of America

Geologist and Imgur user “Fejetlenfej” has created a map of the United States showing all the rivers running through the country. The result is a unique look at the geology of America. The pink area in the middle is the Mississippi River and the river systems that feed into it.

h/t Daily Mail.


From The Trailer Park - Into The Inferno

Documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man) explores the world’s active volcanoes.

Premieres later this month on Netflix.