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Chloe Jennings-White adjusts leg braces at her home on May 16, 2013, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She wears leg braces even though she does not need them.

Step aside Bruce Jenner — make for the transabled. Canada’s The National Post gives us: “Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors […]


Eight-limbed Indian Baby Worshiped as Reincarnated Hindu God is not a typical London Telegraph headline, but there it is. Conjoined twin with single head and fused chest born in remote Indian town last week seen as reincarnation of Lord Ganesh by increasing numbers of Hindu worshippers

Devotees are flocking to a remote Indian town to worship an […]

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I can’t even work up the energy to ridicule Jenner. I find the whole thing profoundly sad.

Tuesday Open Thread

On this date 80 years ago a dust storm, or black blizzard — one of the largest in U.S. history dumped an estimated 300 million tons of topsoil across the Plains. Spearman, TX — in the photo — is at the very top of Texas and a few miles from Oklahoma — ground zero […]

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Virgin Islands National Park. U.S. Virgin Islands

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Brandywine Falls, Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Ohio

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Joshua Tree National Park. California

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Death Valley Park. California

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Congaree National Park. South Carolina