Saturday Open Thread

Bill Bixby, Fred Roerrignogers, and Lou Ferrigno

Saturday Song

Last Five Watched

1. Dead Snow : Red vs. Dead. For his sequel to the blood-splattered but unremarkable Norwegian zombie flick “Dead Snow”, writer/director Tommy Wirkola ups the ante considerably, resulting in a more entertaining film, but also one that will be difficult for anyone but the most hardcore horror fans to enjoy. While the first film used […]

Tuesday Open Thread

Perhaps What Wouldn’t I Do is the more pertinent question? (h/t: Lars)

[EP: The editor/proofreader in me couldn’t help but correct the thread’s title. Hope that wasn’t one of the things you would or wouldn’t do …]

Friday Open Thread

Looney Tunes staple Daffy Duck made his debut in “Porky’s Duck Hunt” on this date in 1937.

The Walking Thread: Conquer (S5:E16)

The biggest surprise about the season finale is that it’s not the bloodbath we expected. Perhaps realizing that it’s become common practice to kill off a cast member in order to give the midseason and season finales more emotional resonance, the show’s creators prove they’re not one-trick ponies, delivering plenty of blood, guts and […]

The Walking Thread: Try (S5:E15)

“People like you are supposed to be dead, but these walls went up just in time, so you’re not.”

Well, as expected, the unfortunate events of last week’s episode have caused some major tension between the Alexandrians and Rick’s group of newcomers, and by the time “Try” ends things have come to a head […]

The Walking Thread: Spend (S5:E14)

As Ron Burgundy would say, boy, that escalated quickly. After spending the last two episodes awkwardly integrating themselves into Alexandria’s shockingly normal community, Rick and his friends get started on their respective jobs for the town, and things go to hell so quickly and so thoroughly that it’s hard to believe these people have […]

The Walking Thread: Forget (S5: E13)

If the mood of “Forget” could be summed up in one sentence, it would be: “there’s nothing wrong, except that there’s nothing wrong.” After spending last week’s episode waiting for the other shoe to drop and Alexandria to reveal itself as a façade for some dark secret, Rick’s group seems to finally have accepted […]

From the Trailer Park - Tomorrowland (Trailer #2)

Looks like ’80s-era Spielberg crossed with Atlas Shrugged. Yep, I’m in.