Wednesday Open Thread 

Noon of the 20th cannot get here soon enough

Buh-bye, King Barry

To quote a Twitchy commenter: On January 20th, the Statue of Liberty will be like, “I’m gonna wash that man outta my hair!”

Truth Bomb, Fawstin-style

Clinging to Misery

Zo Rachel, as always, bringin’ the double truth, Ruth!

Why #FirstSevenJobs Matters

Some of you who are up on the twitters may have seen a hashtag going around called #FirstSevenJobs. As the tag suggests, it allows people to Tweet their first seven jobs as a fun way to reminisce and show off the not-so-prestigious origins of their career path (and maybe sneak in a little humblebrag in […]

Wednesday Open Thread 

As seen on Drudge a couple of days ago.

Sunday Open Thread

Nordic Trick

One of the most constant memes we get from the Left is that we need to emulate Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway that have massively high taxes and generous welfare states. And it’s not hard to understand why liberals like those nations so much: they rank among the happiest, most prosperous, and […]

Black Lies (Sadly) Matter

From filmmaker Pheim McAleer. Caution, trolls and other assorted id’jut-fools: facts contained herein:

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Ireland. We are here on vacation but had to write to you when we saw the news about Baton Rouge. From here it’s difficult to get full details on the shooting but it seems like another “Black Lives […]

His Life Mattered

This is Montrell Jackson, one of the three police officers murdered in Baton Rouge today. The young son that he is holding in his arms, is now going to grow up without a father. These facts are being sadistically celebrated on social media right now, by members of the radical organization that killed Jackson. […]