Wednesday Open Thread 

A 1953 Buick waiting for the train to pass.

Tuesday Open Thread 

People climbing around on the Great Pyramid. Egypt 1880.

Monday Open Thread

Louis Armstrong plays for his wife at Giza in 1961

Sunday Open Thread 

Bust of Plato. 1st c. Roman copy pf earlier Greek work.

Saturday Open Thread

The Royal Fusiliers resting before entering the line at the Battle of Mons. The battle has attained a mythic status for the British heroism.

— ClassicPics (@History_Pics) September 9, 2017

Friday Open Thread 

1939 Duesenberg Coupe Simone Midnight Ghost

Thursday Open Thread 

“The Abduction of Europa” by Bernardo Strozzi (1644)

Wednesday Open Thread 

Original Puerto de Luna New Mexico County courthouse 

Tuesday Open Thread 

Officer of the Austri-Hungarian Albanian Legion (1917)

9-11 Open Thread