Newborn At 24

Recent technological advances have led to some amazing childbirth stories, but none quite like the story of Emma Wren, a baby girl who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on November 25th. What makes her birth so unique? She is a lot older than she looks; prior to her birth last month, she was an […]

Friday Open Thread

My Mom said "Damn" in front of Santa. This was the reaction.

Grow Up, Parents

Much has been written about the rise of helicopter parenting, and how it has made kids more spoiled, entitled, snowflake-ish, etc. However, little has been discussed about what effect it has on the parents themselves, and on the experience of parenting. Writing in The American Spectator, Ben Stein has a thoughtful take on the […]

Happy Father's Day, Threedonia!

There have been alot of great TV dads, but Jack Arnold from The Wonder Years might be my personal favorite. He bucked the trend of sensitive sitcom dads at the time, and was very old-school. A gruff and blustery disciplinarian, he had little patience for feelings or for his kids’ shenanigans, but he was […]

Tuesday Open Thread 

Congratulations to the oldest Little Turbo as he graduates from high school today

Keep It Together, Man! Keep It Together!

Work from home, they said. You’ll be productive, they said.

Hollywood Heretic

Leelee Sobieski and her daughter

You may remember actress Leelee Sobieski. She was Hollywood’s It Girl around the turn of the century, playing the title role in a 1999 Joan of Arc miniseries, and with major roles in movies like Never Been Kissed, Eyes Wide Shut, Joy Ride and The Glass House. If you […]

From The Trailer Park - 1982

A father struggles to keep his family together after being abandoned by his drug-addicted wife. Partially based on events from writer/director Tommy Oliver’s own childhood.

Stars Hill Harper (CSI:NY), Bokeem Woodbine, Wayne Brady, Ruby Dee. Comes out on DVD and VOD this week.