Janus Minded

Kim Davis’ mugshot — after her arrest for contempt of court for refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples

Let me preface this post by saying we should not be here in the first place. The Supreme Court should never have butted its nose in the gay marriage debate. But here we are […]

Stumping for Trump

Yesterday I posted a video clip of Sarah Palin and Wayne Allyn Root discussing The Donald’s bid to be the GOP’s candidate for President in 2016. Although I agreed with Palin and Root’s reasoning on Trump’s success in the polls, some of you took my post to mean I am behind Trump for President. […]

Those were the days ...

Spurred to binge down memory lane as much as possible before all the Family Ties episodes disappear from Netflix Streaming in a couple weeks, stopped by one of my favorites last night, “Philadelphia Story.” Check (or re-check) it out, and maybe someone can tell me which of today’s top-rated sit-coms, notably one with an uber-liberal […]

Put him in, coach

Thursday Open Thread

On this day in 1787 the constitutional convention began in Philadelphia.

Best Ad Evah

I’m not buying a Cadillac anytime soon, if ever but this ad is awesome.

The Arsenal of Democracy

There will be an unprecedented flyby of over 70 WWII aircraft over our nation’s capital today in celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

The live feed can be seen here: http://ww2flyover.org/live-webcast/

I always will be a Soldier.

Proud to be on this team.

Thursday Open Thread

On this date in 1789 at Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York city , George Washington took the first oath of office as President of the United States. It’s been downhill ever since.

Commander in Chief

Former Bush Administration White House Press Secretary Dana Perino has a new book out. I heard her interviewed yesterday on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and she is, as fans of FOX’s “The Five” know, amazing — beautiful inside and out. The book sounds like a great read and an example of how to […]