Love Gov

This is a decent little video series (5 parts in all, will take about 20 minutes to watch in its entirety). Sensibly geared towards Americans in their late teens and twenties. Very well acted and scripted. Pass it along.

Rufus Takes the Heat


Yesterday a few of our loyal readers took the site to task for “ignoring” a Bill Whittle “Afterburner” segment on The Donald and not commenting on his tax code. Never one to shirk from danger I’ll take on both right here, right now.

Regarding the video, Whittle is essentially correct, but comparing Trump […]

Rufus Breaks Down the CNN Debate

1. These (Wednesday’s CNN debate and the earlier, Fox debate) are not debates. They are networks using their anchors to incite base arguments for ratings. 2. Carly Fiorina did won both debates. She is incredibly quick on her feet and has an encyclopedic knowledge of statistics regarding government affairs. 3. 10 or more people […]

Meet the New Nanny Same as the Old Nanny

I’m working on a paper about Miguel Cervantes’ Don Quixote that I am presenting in Barcelona,Spain next month. Part of it (the general theme is wisdom and leadership) is a section on socio-legal critique in the book. So I’m reading a book called Law and History in Cervantes’ Don Quixote and came across this […]

Talk Loudly and Carry a Big Selfie Stick.

Obama selfie Photoshop by Ed Driscoll

Post title with apologies to the ever popular Sarah Palin. Instapundit links to this blog called The Wilderness which further drives home the point I made the other day — Obama’s fecklessness actually kills people. He’s gone viral — like a real virus.

Flash back to 2011, and […]

Obama’s Syria achievement – The Washington Post

Man oh Manischevitz does Fred Hiatt of The Washington Post break out the whooping stick on Obama.

This may be the most surprising of President Obama’s foreign-policy legacies: not just that he presided over a humanitarian and cultural disaster of epochal proportions, but that he soothed the American people into feeling no responsibility for […]

Janus Minded

Kim Davis’ mugshot — after her arrest for contempt of court for refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples

Let me preface this post by saying we should not be here in the first place. The Supreme Court should never have butted its nose in the gay marriage debate. But here we are […]

Bring your own bean soda, somewhere there’s a party ...

Besides the usual suspects on the alphabet networks and/or media outlets with floundering ratings/sales, who says only the Republicans can enjoy in-fighting? Certainly not the latest Taki’s Mag piece from David Cole Stein (I somehow missed the column a couple week’s ago). Please be sure to check out the rest of it here.

“In […]

Stumping for Trump

Yesterday I posted a video clip of Sarah Palin and Wayne Allyn Root discussing The Donald’s bid to be the GOP’s candidate for President in 2016. Although I agreed with Palin and Root’s reasoning on Trump’s success in the polls, some of you took my post to mean I am behind Trump for President. […]

Best Analysis of the Trump Phenomenon I’ve Heard So Far

I think there is something in this video clip for all Threedonian tastes; Libertarian Wayne Allyn Root interviewed by Governor Sarah Palin gives a very astute analysis of why Donald Trump is resonating with voters. He even uses a Dallas Cowboys analogy to make his central point!