Stop! Hold on … stay in control.

Sure, it may seem difficult to envision Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams, two of the 80s biggest working class hero songwriters, worthy of the task of looking out for the best interests of 21st century boys wishing they were girls (or vice versa), but damned if their respective boycotts of North Carolina and Mississippi over […]

Mirror, mirror, on the Wall

Good luck getting anyone on the left to believe the 1% they purport to loathe actually represents all the things they advocate — abortion, open borders, tranny bathrooms, etc. — but the numbers don’t lie. Feh. As if those pesky facts matter much to them these days.

Please be sure to read the below […]

Friday Open Thread

Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana, warms up for a radio speech from his Washington, DC office on March 7, 1935.

Wake Me When October Ends

With my headspace now firmly locked in a Rubio ’20 mode, at which point I hope this year’s formerly best chance to instill genuine hope and re-spark American exceptionalism en route to defeating whichever socialist the Democrats foist upon America learns from his 2015/16 campaign mistakes.

Till then as I plan to tune […]

Trumped Up

This piece by John Kluge “An Open Letter to Conservative Media” posted to Ricochet on March 3. In it Kluge spells out Trump supporter’s frustrations with the Republican Party specifically and the conservative movement in general. I agree with his frustration and I somewhat understand why he supports Trump. Here’s a bit:

I am […]

The Peasants are Revolting!

William Leggett (1801-1839) was a Jacksonian era journalist and the intellectual leader of the laissez-faire wing of Jacksonian democracy.

I’ve been doing some reading on the Trump phenomenon — which is to say I’ve been looking at history and populist movements, especially in the U.S. Trump and his followers are not irrational and they […]

Thursday Open Thread

William Jennings Bryan

Wednesday Open Thread

Stuffed and Soiled Diaper Sagging in the Pants of American Politics

Matt Walsh, at The Blaze, nails it exactly — EXACTLY. If you feel insulted then suck it up Trump buttercup — insulting is apparently what you like in public discourse.

Well, in similar fashion, I’m not calling you stupid, I’m just saying that other people call you stupid. You should therefore defend me against […]

Southern Strategy

Oh, timBO BarryO, since y’all on the left love that identity politics, Guy Benson just happens to be gay. Whoop-da-dee-doo!!!!