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The Most Racist Election in the Most Racist Nation Ever!

The above chart shows, irrefutably, that the primary reason Doland J. Trump will be sworn into office January 20, 2017 and Hillary R. Clinton will not is because Hillary lost.

Far too many talking heads who know better are pontificating on television, in ink and on the Internet about dramatic changes in the electorate; […]

Monday Open Thread

If the 58% of white voters who voted for Trump are "racists," what are the 95% of black voters who voted for Obama?

— Larry Elder (@larryelder) November 13, 2016

Saturday Open Thread

I love you all ... even you

Lunch-time stream-of-conscience’ing …

Dear Democrats, you lost. As Barack Obama noted to John McCain and Republicans still resistant to his 2008 victory, just deal with it. By “deal,” though, that doesn’t mean staging national protests which disrupt your neighbors, your fellow citizens from both sides of the aisle, as they move on with life. […]

Wednesday Open Thread

Why Hillary is Worse

I imagine my Hillary voting friends are similar to many folks voting for Hillary; they follow the news (although they stick to liberal outlets) and they think Hillary is a bit corrupt, but they’re voting for her anyway. I don’t mind if someone says they believe in the policies of the Democratic party’s platform […]

60 Years: The Song Remains The Same

This is one of my favorite videos to watch around election time, a fun montage of American campaign ads going all the way back to Eisenhower. It’s interesting to see how political advertising has evolved over the years, yet retained many of the same basic messages in campaign after campaign. Make of that what […]

Truth Bomb, Fawstin-style

Friday Open Thread 

The best thing from the Carter Presidential Library. Walter who?

Poker, Straight, Two Faced

Here is Jonoathan Rauch, in the New York Times, highlights what is wrong with out politics — justifying lying — so long as it’s done in order to get things done. Here’s a taste:

Often, the only way to get something done is to have separate private and public truths. Behind closed doors, nothing […]