R.I.P. Hans Rosling

Renowned Swedish doctor and statistician Hans Rosling has passed away from pancreatic cancer at 68. Rosling dedicated his life to promoting a more positive, hopeful and realistic view of the world than most people see. He spent decades arguing against harmful theories like the overpopulation myth and central planning, and later became well-known for […]

RIP John Hurt: His Top 5 Performances

Sadly, last week saw the passing of the great John Hurt, one of the finest actors of the 20th century. He will probably be best remembered for his roles in big-budget films like Alien, V For Vendetta and Hellboy, but he played a wide variety of roles. In a film and TV career that spanned […]

RIP — Mary Tyler Moore

As most, if not all, of you have heard by now Mary Tyler Moore has died at age 80. Like most in my generation I was introduced to her initially through her 1970 sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore show about a young single professional woman trying to break into the mid-market news business in […]

Sunday Open Thread 

MLK, Jr. Born this date in 1929.

Thursday Open Thread 

Carrie Fisher watching Debbie Reynolds from the wings. RIP ladies. From Martha Plimpton’s Twitter feed. Check out @MarthaPlimpton’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MarthaPlimpton/status/814290692176576512?s=09

RIP — Carrie Fisher

Most of you of course know by now that Carrie Fisher has died at age 60 from a heart attack. Thank you for the memories and wit. RIP Carrie. Our prayers.go out to her family and friends.

Sunday Open Thread 

Felt a bit nostalgic…RIP

This Veteran’s Day Broadcast is brought to you by…

Corb Lund.

Wept when it was all done ...

Jose Fernandez, still at the beginning of what figured to be a stellar career, on and off the field. Thurman Munson, at the end of a stellar career on the field, and, by all indications, on the brink of a successful real estate life off it.

Both always pursuing something seemingly a little beyond their […]

RIP Arnold Palmer

There have been many Pennsylvanian legends through the years, and likely more to come. Arnold Palmer assuredly near the top of that list. Golf legend isn’t even the half of it, and as a Penn Stater, words of appreciation for the blue and white courses Arnie designed aren’t, either. My dad an original member […]