Get Them Some Milk of Rhodesia

Zimbabwe has $217.00 in the bank. You read that right.

There are cash-strapped governments, and there are broke governments. And then there’s Zimbabwe, which, after paying last week’s government salaries, has just $217 in the bank. No, we didn’t forget any zeroes to the end of that figure. Zimbabwe, the country that’s home to […]

Dear Rufus…

(Today’s threedonia mailbag day.  I recently got an e-mail from another, avid reader who asked for some tips regarding the fairer sex.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ll share my e-mail reply (with his name excised) here in this post.  I’m very interested in your opinions (please spout off in the comments), and […]

Red Like Me

[I received the below e-mail and the above picture from an avid threedonia reader in China.  I know we’ve also got some readers in Russia.  If we could just get a few in Cuba we’d have the Communist world covered.  (Brian, I deleted your last name.  If you want folks to know more […]