This Week's Trailer Park Round-Up

This week, we’ve got soldiers, cowboys, washed-up action stars and crazy fashion designers! Hit the jump to see all the new trailers.

1. 12 Strong, about the first Special Forces team deployed into Afghanistan after 9/11. Chris Hemsworth stars as Captain Mitch Nelson, the team leader. Michael Shannon, Michael Pena, Rob Riggle, and Geoff Stults […]

Saturday Open Thread

9-11 Open Thread

Real Warriors > Social Justice Warriors

J.R. Salzman is a blogger and wounded Iraq War veteran. Yesterday he wrote a series of tweets in regards to President Trump’s ban on transgenders serving in the military, which I have converted to text. I believe this should be read by anyone who wants to understand the issue.

I served in Iraq in […]

Saturday Open Thread

We did good didn't we?

From The Trailer Park - Only The Brave

The story of the “Granite Mountain Hotshots”, the Arizona firefighters who lost men battling a deadly wildfire in 2013.

Stars Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly, Taylor Kitsch, Andie MacDowell, Geoff Stults. Directed by Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion) and written by Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down).

Thursday Open Thread

The Warrior's Stone Mask

Chain of Heroes

A family of tourists that was on vacation in Panama City last weekend nearly suffered a horrible tragedy when the children became stuck out in the water. In an attempt to rescue them, the rest of the family swam out, but soon they all became caught in the rip current, 9 people in total. […]

Monday Open Thread 

US Marine… Khe San Vietnam… February 1968

Tuesday Open Thread 

Fall of the Alamo by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk (1903)