Capitalism Schmapitalism

Capitalism Schmapitalism summary and discussion (if anyone has interest).

About a week ago I posted some items I had sitting in my drafts folder. Some were almost 2 years old, some were about a year old. All were an attempt to define why I jokingly took Floyd to tax for his post attacking Donald J. […]

Thank God for Jordan Peterson!

If you have 29:55 I highly recommend watching this video. I intend to watch it many times, to learn his techniques and work towards mastering them. He is so good at staying calm. Andrew Klavan has been podcasting and writing recently about how elements of the Left are trying to silence debate with epithets. […]

Capitalism - Schmapitalism pt. 1

Forgive me, Threedonia, but today I’m going to dump three incomplete posts on the site. The first two were written on July 26th, 2016, the third on February 8th, 2017.

The impetus was a tongue in cheek post I had written mocking University elites for missing the point on what’s important for young men and […]

Capitalism - Schmapitalism pt. 2

“His Smoot Hawley view of trade is also ignorant and has never worked. Poverty is at historic lows and the idea that NAFTA, et al, is solely to blame is simple-minded.” – Floyd R. Turbo

This is a big topic; Yuge! I’m not sure I have the talent to weave it into a post, […]

Capitalism - Schmapitalism pt. 3

The Genius of Trump that Everyone Seems to be Missing

Of all his flaws, and there are many, it amazes me how few seemingly intelligent people miss one of the most obvious aspects of Trump’s schtick. The dude made his name a household word in the ’80s by presenting himself as the king of […]

Capitalism - Schmapitalism pt. 4

I get the economics. I do. It is fair to say the world’s economy is better in the past 60 years due to free markets and somewhat unfettered global trade. It’s also fair to say more Americans have more things; cars, televisions, rooves overhead, porkchops on dinner plates… But do upward sloping lines on […]

Albert R. Broccoli and the Hallmark Channel Know More than All the Psychologists in the United States. Combined.

The Lovely Mrs. Firefly and I have recently stumbled onto the Hallmark Channel. It is incredible! I recommend it to anyone interested in storytelling, script writing or any type of fiction writing. It has become a running joke of mine that I will flip over to it and within 15 seconds call out the entire […]

The Horrible Previous Way

James Lileks has one of his oft anticipated fisk’ings of a magazine article on mail-order food preparation services. You can read James’ (never Jim!) post here,

I have never had to depend on creative writing to feed, clothe or shelter myself (obviously) and I imagine most professional writers do some assignments purely out […]

The Mind of Rufus

In the ’80s, when Ronald Reagan was our President, there were many on the Left insisting that we were moments away from living in a Christian theocracy that would forbid freedom of expression and destroy the Arts.

Less than a decade after electing Barack Obama President people are destroying works of art and forbidding […]

The Mind of Rufus

As mentioned here before, I no longer live in Chicago, the city where I grew up, but I still cheer for their sports teams. Bears games are not often broadcast here, but I have my DVR set to record them when they do air. Unusually I had a break early yesterday afternoon when no […]