Just 20 More Days!

ESPN is tackling (Get it? Tackling!) the ’85 Bears in their next 30 for 30 documentary; premiering 9PM, ET, January 28th. You know Porvaznik will have to break his anti-ESPN vow for this one!

What I Wish the President had Said Yesterday

(I will not address the merits of the President’s statements about gun violence and gun control in this country. It is not a topic I am sufficiently educated on to have an opinion regarding policy and law. However, I know there is tremendous debate regarding gun control and the effect(s) of various controls, as […]

Hope and Dollar$

(h/t Instapundit and the apparent creator, Matthew Gordon)

“Brooklyn” A Movie non-Review

I’ve referred to this film a few times in the comments. It had more of an impact than it should have and, in case anyone is looking for a film to see, I’ll try to explain why; here.

First, I’m going to try to avoid descriptions of the plot. I don’t want to ruin […]

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