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Boring and In No Way Humorous Science Story of the Day

The potential images and post titles might have literally broken these here Intertubes. This is a “major lab” finding.

For the first time in history, scientists have successfully implanted lab-grown vaginal organs in human patients.

The organs, grown with the patients’ own tissue, were implanted between June 2005 and October 2008 in four teenage girls [...]

Naval Gazing into the Future

The U.S. Navy plans to unveil its new-fangled railgun this Summer. Star Wars references aside — the proper pop culture reference is the Wave Motion gun. From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

This summer, San Diego will host the public unveiling of a military weapon that the Navy’s chief scientist calls a Star Wars-like technology [...]

Urine Trouble

Reports have been circulating in the lamestream media about urine in chlorinated swimming pools creating a toxic combination — cyanogen chloride — that the UN has declared a chemical weapon and which if taken in large quantities over a long period of time can lead to health problems. Here’s the L.A. Times version of [...]

Monday Open Thread

Infrared image of the dark side of Uranus (NASA)

On this date in 1977 astronomers made the existence of junior high boys ages 8-98 immeasurably better when they discovered rings around Uranus.

Bringing Baggage

This is an interesting piece on research into military suicides.  Given the numbers involved I still reject the notion in some quarters that there was an epidemic of suicides among current and former military members.  That being said, each one is a tragedy and we owe it to our service members to help them and [...]

Pyramid Schemes

It looks like the Egyptian military has come up with its very own snipe hunt.

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s military leaders have come under ridicule after the chief army engineer unveiled what he described as a “miraculous” set of devices that detect and cure AIDS, hepatitis and other viruses.

And a Landslide Brought Me Down…

From the BBC — and Italy: Holy Crap!

Dramatic pictures have been released showing the destruction wrought by a huge boulder that smashed through a farm in Northern Italy after being dislodged by a landslide.

The massive rock narrowly missed a farm house, destroyed a barn, and stopped in a vineyard at the property [...]

Making 3-Donia History!

View from my window.

The first Threedonia Post made from the Southern Hemisphere. Ever.

And I did it. Top that, Floyd.

Oh the Halcion Days Before Ambien — Waking Dead Edition

Here’s an interesting/frightening piece on the side effects of Ambien. I’ve never taken the stuff and as always with these kinds of stories the danger of turning a few data points into a trend is ever present. That being said… it is an interesting read, From Alternet:

On March 29, 2009, Robert Stewart, 45, [...]

The U.S. Army’s Alan Parsons Project or “LASER”

It looks like my dream of owning a real Han Solo type blaster before I die just got a little m l ore real. In December, the U.S. Army successfully tested a vehicle-mounted laser, destroying more than 90 mortar rounds and several unmanned aerial drones.

And an Army official tells Yahoo News that the test [...]