Pluto, the Ninth Planet in Our Solar System

Scientists are just beginning to compile and view all the data collected by the New Horizons spacecraft’s recent flyby of Pluto. There will be many great things to come, but this photo is amazing; unbelievable!!

I never imagined we’d have an image of Pluto of this […]

Wednesday Open Thread

On this date in 1930, the Chrysler Building opened to the general public.

Fighting Hard Against Malaria

It’ll help with your symptoms but there may be some stiffness.

With over 584,000 deaths due to malaria each year, fighting the mosquito-transmitted disease is a major world health priority. Now, reports Popular Science’s Alexandra Ossola, there’s a new ally in the fight against malaria — Viagra.

A new study shows that Viagra can increase the spleen’s ability […]


A South African doctor has performed the first penis transplant.

South African doctors have achieved what they call the world’s first successful penile transplant operation.

The nine-hour operation occurred on December 11, 2014, involving a team of doctors at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and others from Tygerberg Hospital.

The young man, whose identity “is […]

Dung Beetle?

Some of you had colonoscopy stories the other day… who knew the colon could be Joe’s Apartment?

“A 52-year-old woman with a history of depression was referred by her primary physician for colorectal cancer screening. She had no family history of colorectal cancer and a review of systems was positive for abdominal bloating. Bowel […]

They Blinded Themselves With Hatred?

Delfategate? Remember when steel couldn’t melt? Yeah me neither. Science is a bitch. Real science — not the sciencey stuff practiced by the media. Could it be that the New England Patriots will be vindicated by the law of Nature — and Nature’s God? I hope so — not because I love the Patriots. […]

Professor Firefly Explains White Privelege

White Privilege is a term that has been popping up a lot on College Campuses, your television screen, your daily newspaper and the Interwebs. Since all some of you are not as smart as me, I will favor you with an explanation of what the term means.

When I encounter something I don’t understand […]

Chanel No. 2

I would’ve thought the French thought their farts didn’t stink.

A Frenchman has developed a range of pills aimed at making people’s flatulence smell sweeter – of chocolate or of roses – which he says will make the perfect Christmas present.

The 65-year-old artist and inventor says his pills are aimed at […]

The Anti-Human League

This otherwise laughable, if it didn’t encapsulate a view held by so many people in power and other positions of influence, video just came across my radar screen. It’s been out for a month or so from a group calling itself Conservation International. It is a series of videos starring the voices of Julia […]

Wednesday Open Thread

On this date in 1783 the Montgolfier Brothers held the first manned… and tethered… balloon flight with Étienne Montgolfier at the helm (sort of).