Inconsistent Vegetative State

The priesthood of scientists and medical professionals… they don’t nearly as much squat as they purport to know. From the journal Aeon comes this unsurprising yet still disturbing story about how many folks — thousands of people — are still “here” even though they have been diagnosed as persistent vegetative…:

I had just finished […]

From The Trailer Park - Climate Hustle

A documentary that takes a critical look at the man-made global warming movement.

Opens nationwide in theaters for one day only, on May 2nd.

h/t Christian Toto.

A World That Shouldn't Exist

Ever since us Earthlings figured out that our planet isn’t the center of the universe, we’ve been in a bit of an existential quandary over the fact that we’re basically just another rock floating in space among trillions. Or are we? A new study concludes that the Earth might be a lot more unique […]

Launch, Land, Repeat.

THIS is all kinds of awesome. Spend that sweet Amazon money!

Monday Open Thread

On this date in 1612 Galileo first observed the planet Neptune.

Tumblr Dumblr: Twit-ter Edition, Part 2

Liberal cult science guru Neil Degrasse Tyson (who, incidentally, happens to be the subject of a brilliant takedown over at Breitbart today), went on Twitter and made one of his unfunny science “jokes” last week, only to inadvertently offend an SJW:

How dare he make a joke that might offend a disabled person (who […]

History is Made in West Texas

Well, this is where all that sweet Amazon money that Bezos makes is going to…

A 100% totally reusable spacecraft, landed vertically from sub-orbit… bet you didn’t see this on the evening news.

Friday Open Thread

From an essay by G.K. Chesterton entitled “The Efficiency of Police” The Illustrated London, April 1922