Making 3-Donia History!

View from my window.

The first Threedonia Post made from the Southern Hemisphere. Ever.

And I did it. Top that, Floyd.

Cyber Monday -- Amazon -- All Week

Amazon is offering a week of “Cyber Monday” deals on a wide variety of things. Using our Amazon links is a way of helping keep this blog up and running with no extra cost to you AND you get to shop for Christmas without fighting the crowds.

There is a link at the upper left […]

From the Trailer Park --

Trailer to the documentary produced by our very own commenter and friend Kenn Christenson. A lot of the still photography was taken by Outlaw 13 aka Dan McClinton.

As a reminder we will be hosting a premiere and get together at the AMC 16 in Burbank on Thursday May 9. Doors open at 7:00 […]

First Attack!

Whatever else we accomplish with this blog I will always be proud of helping to facilitate, in some small way, the meeting of filmmaker Kenn Christenson and now retired Army aviator Outlaw 13 aka Dan McClinton resulting in Kenn’s soon to be released historical documentary about Dan’s unit. Peabody Award winning International film and […]

A bit of Threedonia business

You may (or may not have) noticed that there is now a Facebook “Like” button on posts. When you click into a post if you please like it it will share it on your FB. We’ve gotten some good traffic from FB before so this will help you share some of our stuff with […]

Black Friday and Christmas Shopping

Hola folks! We hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving. We also hope you have a great Christmas shopping season. I will take this rare opportunity to remind y’all that if you shop (or start shopping through the search links) through any of our Amazon links we get 4-7% of your purchases at no extra cost […]

Threedonia’s Thankful — Happy Thanksgiving!!

What ever did the Pilgrim do for the natives? Indeed. Everyone around the world should be thankful for that fateful day in 1620 when English Separatists (Pilgrims) landed in Massachusetts sparking what would become The United States of America. Any by “everyone” I mean ALL of us — every color, belief system, wimmins, chillens, […]

Liberty Watch Radio

So, I’ve been doing a fair bit of radio as part of the Great Book Tour. It’s been fun, if a bit repetitive. Generally you get the same questions, so keeping one’s answers fresh can be a chore. Too often (though not always) the hosts don’t bother to read the book they are interviewing […]

Richard Trzupek and Michael Savage Discuss the EPA and Regulations

Are you ready for some Super Trzpur? Here’s his interview with Michael Savage. And thanks for the plug Rich!

h/t Schplatt, M.D. for the link

Environmental Professional Richard Trzupek and Michael Savage Discuss the EPA and Regulations – Talk Radio Network.

Prodigal Pole Cat (BUMPED AND UPDATED)

Exciting news Threedonians!

Our very own Richard Magdalena Trzupek is scheduled to appear this Tuesday with Steve, Gretchen, and Brian on FOX and Friends. He will of course be discussing his new book “Regulators Gone Wild” which you can buy through the Amazon link to the right. I’ve read most of it and […]