My Opinion Does Not Violate Your Freedom

Prager U recently released the following video, in which singer Joy Villa states unequivocally that “Everyone should stand for the National Anthem”.

It’s a pretty good video, and one that I overwhelmingly agree with. But when it was posted on Prager’s Facebook page, I was struck by how many people posted snarky comments […]

The Mob Drools

John Ziegler’s red-hot column on how an ignorant Twitter mob is trying to destroy Greg Schiano due to allegations related to Jerry Sandusky, and how they could NOT possibly be more wrong. The truth, as always, readily available for any willing to digest it.

The backlash against his hire, fueled largely by Tennessee based radio […]

That's A Fail!

h/t Flyover Culture on Facebook

This Afternoon’s Broadcast Brought to You By…

Sending out this long distance dedication to NCAA Men’s basketball coaches, players, families of players, apparel companies, and fans everywhere…

How Sports Should Be

I posted this video for an OT back in May, but given the events of yesterday’s NFL games, I think it bears reposting. For those who don’t remember this, the mic cut out just before the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner at this game, so the Edmonton fans belted out the Banner themselves.

Just […]

Peyton Manning Is Not Handling Retirement Well

This is funny stuff.

Tuesday Open Thread 

Red Grange, “The Galloping Ghost” (center) and 2 Chicago Bears teammates before a game at Cubs Park… 1925.

Wednesday Open Thread

Great moment from the Oilers-Ducks game the other day in Edmonton. When the musician’s microphone didn’t work, the entire (Canadian) crowd enthusiastically belted out the Star Spangled Banner. And people wonder why I watch hockey instead of football.

Sunday Open Thread 

Troll level: expert

Monday Open Thread 

Fortune favors those the focused and the talented… like Julian Edelman.

There's only one explanation as to how Julian Edelman made that catch in the #SuperBowl …

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports) February 6, 2017