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Kobe’s Beef

Kobe Bryant is not my favorite athlete. I’m ambivalent on his past rape case — only because the evidence was sketchy and despite his legal team’s (and a local LA sports talk station’s) overly aggressive posture towards the alleged victim (the word “alleged” still has meaning, but I digress). In addition, I’m just not [...]

Like a Champ

Sports-wise Texas is known for football of course. We like the other major sports too of course… but in small town West Texas, basketball — girls basketball — is a big deal. One its better coaches (since retired from his Panhandle, Texas gig, and relocated to Tatum, NM to coach again was the source [...]

Saturday Open Thread

Mercer celebrates after defeating Duke, in Raleigh, 78-71 in the Second Round of March Madness yesterday.

Hey… who needs a billion dollars anyway?

Weekend Five -- March Madness Edition

March Madness is upon us and in Wanks’ down time this weekend’s Five will be some of our favorite college sports moments. I’d say 5 NCAA basketball moments, but I don’t think I can muster 5 of those so we’ll broaden the topic to all of college athletics…

In no particular…

1. My [...]

Useless Idiot

Dennis Rodman puts the ASS in “ambassador”.

In his first interview since returning to the U.S. from an unprecedented visit to North Korea last week, former NBA star Dennis Rodman said he bears a message for President Obama from the country’s oppressive leader, Kim Jong Un.

“He wants Obama to do one thing: Call [...]

His Rule is Golden

Great moment…

**UPDATE: I found a CBS News video of the story…

R.I.P.– Rick Majerus

College basketball has lost one of its greatest personalities and coaches. Anyone who has followed college basketball the past few decades probably knows a good Rick Majerus story or two.

There was the time he promised to quit at Utah if false allegations that freshman Britton Johnson had used a racial slur during [...]

Saturday Sadness

This may be the saddest excuse for basketballing I’ve ever seen… and I’ve seen myself play basketball on videotape before. Stick to beer and waffles Belgium.

The NBA, it’s fannnnnntastic

Nothing but net nothing!!!

3D Weekend Five: The Athlete-as-Actor

In honor of the late Alex Karras…I meant to make this movie roles only, but you can resort to TV if needed.  Caveat: Not playing themselves.

5.  Jason Lee:  Yes, professional skateboarder counts.  Let us all praise his Jeff Bebe in Almost Famous.  He looked like someone peeled him off a 70s album cover.

4. [...]