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Wednesday Open Thread

Packers RB Jim Taylor runs against the 49ers — 12/10/1960

Tuesday Open Thread

The Cowboys’ Randy White sacks Rams QB Vince Ferragamo

Monday Open Thread

New York Jets Don Maynard catches a Namath pass against the Chargers — 1968

Sunday Open Thread

Half of the Fearsome Foursome — Merlin Olsen and Deacon Jones — against the Vikings in 1968.Neil Leifer for Sports Illustrated

Saturday Open Thread

Marcus Allen scores his 100th career TD in 1995 against the Broncos.Tim DeFrisco/SI

Friday Open Thread

The Chargers’ Mike Williams got up high to cover Dolphins tight end Bruce Hardy, who went even higher for this catch. (1983 AFC Divisional Playoffs)Walter Iooss Jr./SI


Thursday Open Thread

Pittsburgh Steelers “Mean” Joe Greene against the Chargers in 1971.

Wednesday Open Thread

Detroit Lions QB Bobby Layne throws against the L.A. Rams in 1954 photo by Hy Peskin/SI

Tuesday Open Thread

Bills rookie Paul Costa makes a circus catch against the Patriots — November 1965

Monday Open Thread

Philadelphia Eagles’ Steve Van Buren scores the only touchdown in the 1948 NFL Championship Game. Phila. 7 — Chicago Cardinals 0