Monday Open Thread

R.I.P. -- Ken Stabler

Former University of Alabama and Oakland Raider quarterback Ken “The Snake” Stabler has died at age 69. From Yahoo Sports:

Longtime Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler died Thursday in Gulfport, Miss., according to WPMI. He was 69 years old. His death was confirmed by Fox WBRC, via a University of Alabama spokesman, and through […]

Thursday Open Thread

Johnny Unitas let’s one fly against the New York Giants in 1958

Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas was born this date in 1933. His balls were never knowingly deflated.

R.I.P. — Ed Sabol

Steve Sabol with his father Ed Sabol — Founder of NFL Films

Ed Sabol, NFL Hall of Famer and Founder of NFL Films, has died at age 98.

It has often been said that much of the NFL’s incredible popularity can be traced back to the majestic images of NFL Films, which was founded […]

New England 28 Seattle 24

The only ball that matters is fully inflated. I don’t care what anyone says… 6 Super Bowl appearances and 4 victories over a 14 year period in this age of free agency and salary caps is amazing (evocative of 1950s Browns, 1960s Packers 1970s Steelers and the 1970s/90s Cowboys and 1980s 49ers, et al). […]

They Blinded Themselves With Hatred?

Delfategate? Remember when steel couldn’t melt? Yeah me neither. Science is a bitch. Real science — not the sciencey stuff practiced by the media. Could it be that the New England Patriots will be vindicated by the law of Nature — and Nature’s God? I hope so — not because I love the Patriots. […]

Friday Open Thread

If I have to listen to one more self-righteous sports journalist or ex-football player whine and moan about “competitive advantage” or “the integrity of the game” I’m going to throw up.

For the sake of consistency, ANY player who intentionally breaks the rules: holds, pushes off, clips, interferes, runs into the kicker, flops […]

Sunday Open Thread

One of the best things about West Coast living… the misery or the joy will come earlier in the day. Finish the Fight Cowboys!

Friday Open Thread

Who was more overrated… the SEC West as a whole or the FSU Seminoles?

They Aren’t Laughing With You, Johnny D-Bag Edition.

Somehow I have no problem believing this actually happened.