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On this date in 1793, Stephen F. Austin, “The Father of Texas” was born.

God Bless Texas

Spotted at the Texas State Fair, Oreo Beer Shakes, courtesy of Barrera’s:

The drink is their Oreo Beer, an American milk porter with “vanilla, brown sugar, and cream, with hints of roasted coffee.” The shake is then garnished with an oreo cookie and crushed oreos around the rim.

Considering that oreos are basically my […]

Harvey Cat Is The REAL Grumpy Cat

There’s a picture going viral right now, of a cat swimming in the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. This might be the best picture caption I’ve ever read:

Yep…that cat is definitely a Texan.

A Tale Of Two Comics

If it’s true that artists reveal their true souls through their art, then a political comic would definitely be a good means to do that. So let’s consider two comics about the rescues of people in the path of Hurricane Harvey, by blue-staters of different political persuasions.

First, the now-infamous one by liberal Matt Wuerker […]

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This nation is not racist or antifa idiots… most everyone in the country gets along most of the time… and especially when it counts the most.

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Toxic masculinity and privilege.

— Renna (@RennaW) August 27, 2017

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Fall of the Alamo by Robert Jenkins Onderdonk (1903)

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Texas Hill Country

God Bless Texas.