Grow Up, Parents

Much has been written about the rise of helicopter parenting, and how it has made kids more spoiled, entitled, snowflake-ish, etc. However, little has been discussed about what effect it has on the parents themselves, and on the experience of parenting. Writing in The American Spectator, Ben Stein has a thoughtful take on the […]

Father's Day Open Thread

Happy Father’s Day to Threedonian Dads and grandpas everywhere — you too fritz! 🙂

Tuesday Open Thread 

Congratulations to the oldest Little Turbo as he graduates from high school today

How To Avoid Raising A Spoiled Snowflake

In the latest for Prager University, family psychologist John Rosemond discusses an issue that is crucial for parents wanting to raise happy, well-adjusted kids (and one that is often overlooked in favor of more oft-discussed topics like education, discipline styles, etc.): saying no to them. If conservative parents (and future parents) want to ensure […]

Friday Open Thread 

“Dill Weed” by Floyd R. Turbo

Happy Birthday, Jim Gaffigan

In honor of Jim Gaffigan’s 50th birthday, I thought I’d share this quote of his about fatherhood:

“I watch the faces of single people in their twenties after I bring up that I ‘have children.’ I imagine them taking a small step backward as if to avoid contagion, with a look of ‘Sorry […]

Dad Life, yo

Happy Father’s Day, Threedonia!

Saturday Open Thread

A rockin' Friday night with #1 son in Floyd's world

Monday Open Thread

Took a break from grading to educate my son on the origins of the saying "Who's on first?"