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Sunday with Floyd

Father’s Day Open Thread

One of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors…

From the Amazon summary:

“The Time It Never Rained was inspired by actual events, when the longest and most severe drought in living memory pressed ranchers and farmers to the outer limits of courage and endurance.”–Elmer Kelton

Rio Seco was too small to […]

Monday Open Thread

My Father’s Day present request… only 28 made The Knights of the Round Table II by ROger Dubuis. More here.

It Takes A Village of Idiots

“Neglected and Abused Children” by Winslow Homer

It is time for tar and feather — literally as the kids say. From The Washington Post:

Would you call 911 if you saw a child sitting in a car parked outside a store, alone, engrossed in a video game?

Or a 9-year-old playing alone at a […]

Friday with Floyd

Tapestry Victory of Truth Over Heresy

The eldest son had an assignment for AP European History requiring a trip to The Getty Center. Great day for some art.

Tuesday Open Thread

Blizzard of Aaaaahhhs. It’s been hawt here in SoCal.

Sunday with the Turbos

Elephant seals along the Pacific Coast Highway south of Big Sur.

Friday with the Turbos

The view of the Bay from former WW2 gun emplacements at Marin Headlands.

Thursday With the Turbos

Chocolate chip cookie dough sundae from Ghirardelli Square

Wednesday with the Turbos

Avenue of the Giants… parallel to the Eel River and U.S. 101 in Humboldt County, California.  Giant redwoods… ’nuff said.