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From the Trailer Park — The Green Inferno

I doubt I’ll see this — Roth’s torture pron is not my style, but I do love the summary of the plot…

a group of student activists travel to the Amazon to save a tribe from extinction. When their plane crashes in the jungle, they become food for the very same tribe.

Naive [...]

From the Trailer Park — The Rover

Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson in a post-apocalyptic revenge flick. It looks good (I guess trailers always do).

From the Trailer Park — God’s Pocket

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Christina Hendricks(!), John Turturro and Richard Jenkins

From the Trailer Park — The Expendables III

It’s like an Irwin Allen action epic.

From the Trailer Park — The Drop

Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, and James Gandolfini in his final role. This looks like it could be pretty good.

From the Trailer Park — Hercules

Dwayne Johnson as the Herc. This looks good.

From the Trailer Park — The Giver

From the Trailer Park — Get On Up

James Brown biopic with Cadwick Boseman (42) as the Godfather… also with Dan Aykroyd

R.I.P. — Hal Douglas

Movie trailer voice-over legend Hal Douglas has died at age 89 (you’ll know him immediately from the clip above).

Hal Douglas, a voice-over artist who narrated thousands of movie trailers in a gravelly baritone heard by “audiences everywhere,” as he might have put it, “thrilled by images never before seen … until now!,” died [...]

From the Trailer Park — 24: Live Another Day

Jack Bauer is back…. This is the full trailer for the May 12-episode “event” on FOX Network. I like the Bond-esque title set in London too.