Last Five Watched

1. Nightcrawler

Following the lead of Ryan Gosling in “Drive”, Jake Gyllenhaal produces and stars in this dark L.A.-based thriller. But while “Drive” was basically just a stylish but overrated artsy remake of “The Transporter”, “Nightcrawler” goes deeper, a potent satire of media sensationalism and blind ambition. Gyllenhaal gives an outstanding performance as Leo […]

Weekend Five -- Valentine's Edition

Channeling Wanks today — a Weekend Five to honor the day we focus on love and romance. This is from a man’s perspective of course, but I’ll focus on the few times Hollywood gets abiding love and romance right. As always — please contribute in the comments.

1. Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Danaher in […]

Mid-week Top Five -- Kinda like it in a ...

SPOILER ALERT: If you watch Justified and still haven’t seen last night’s episode, please do not read below the fold.


3D Weekend Five: Families, The Sequel

And now for the best TV families.  Cartoons & Reality TV count, only if there’s no one named “Kardashian” or “Gosselin”.

5.  The Hecks from The Middle:  Because this show has gotten better with age.  Partly because they’ve allowed the three kids to grow out of their early twerpy-ness.  And Dad is the smartest guy […]

3D Weekend Five: A Family Affair

Best movie families (TV is for a later Five!):

5.  The Buckmans in Parenthood (1989):  Steve Martin gives his best performance in this Ron Howard film.  Once you watch Jason Robards’ turn as his bitter father, you’ll marvel that Martin’s character ever had a chance at being a successful dad — but he is! funny, inventive, […]

3D Weekend Five: The “Watch It/Read It/Do It” List

This started out as “Watch Me/Read Me/Do Me”, until I reread it.

It’s the start of a new year — make some recommendations to your fellow 3Ders.

5.  VH1 picked up “Happy Endings”, which is a wild, goofball Friends retread, set in Chicago.  Before ABC dropped the axe (after three seasons), it had hit cult […]

New Year’s Eve Five

Remember that tonight is Amateur Night — watch out for those idiots enjoying their first beers.

Go ahead and list 2014 resolutions, 2013 successes, and any & all holiday favorites.

5.  Worst, or weirdest, Christmas present:  The bad news: I got a “Greetings From Texas” lamp this year, from a friend who lives in Dallas.  […]

3D Weekend Five: The Christmas Episodes

This is late, and edited — not at all — but Dad du Wank is back in hospital, so I’m a little scatty. -ier.  Than usual!

5.  Doctor Who :The Christmas Invasion (2005):  Only a few actual holiday references: a killer band of Santas and a deadly Christmas tree.  But it was the introduction of David […]

3D Weekend Five: Confess Your Unpopular Opinions

Apparently this was a hashtag last week.  LOVE it.  One of our local conservative radio jocks said Jimi Hendrix was overrated…got death threats!

5.  Shakespeare in Love deserved the Oscar for Best Picture.  One of the cleverest scripts ever (thank you Tom Stoppard), and lots of dazzling performances.

4.  Saving Private Ryan is overrated (while […]

3D Weekend Five: Doctor Who (& Others)

In honor of his 50th Anniversary.  If you’re not a fan, feel free to use the same categories to discuss YOUR favorite sci-fi series:

5.  Best episode: “Blink”:  Actually Doctor-lite (Carey Mulligan has the central role), but a wonderful stand-alone episode with an engaging heroine, a great mystery, and some of the most truly terrifying […]