The Walking Thread: Sing Me A Song (S7, E7)

After nearly a half-season of setting up plotlines, “Sing Me A Song” is when they start to be threaded together. It’s not a perfect episode, and much of its enjoyment will depend on how much you like the character of Negan (because there’s a lot of him), but either way it’s a more entertaining […]

Thursday Open Thread 

The Walking Thread: Swear (S7, E6)

Aka How Tara Spent Her Road Trip.

It’s become increasingly clear that the first half of season 7 is about setting the table for the inevitable war with the Saviors in the second half, and “Swear”, which focuses entirely on the secondary character of Tara (with brief appearances by Heath, Eugene and Rosita […]

Sunday Open Thread 

Felt a bit nostalgic…RIP

Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

Yes it’s obligatory to post the WKRP in Cincinnati’s “Turkey’s Away” episode — don’t care. This is the apex of American television.

And Happy Thanksgiving Day Threedonians!

Wednesday Open Thread 

The Walking Thread: Go Getters (S7, E5)

Most of “Go Getters” focuses on two members of Team Rick (Maggie and Sasha) who are recuperating at Hilltop following the Saviors’ attack on the group in the season opener, but the episode isn’t really about these two women so much as it is about the men they have lost. As the episode begins, […]

The Walking Thread: Service (S7, E4)

In previous episode reviews, I’ve commented that The Walking Dead is the most pro-Second Amendment show on TV right now. I’m going to go a step further and say that last night’s episode, “Service”, was probably the most pro-Second Amendment episode of a TV show I’ve ever seen. If that brutal season opener was […]

The Walking Thread: The Cell (S7, E3)

Like its title, this week’s TWD episode is about as straightforward and to-the-point as it gets. Most of the regular cast is absent; the focus is entirely on Daryl, who is being held at the Sanctuary, the compound run by Negan and the Saviors. As the episode opens, he is being held in a […]

In Defense of TV Violence

Over at the conservative culture site Acculturated, writer and Walking Dead fan Dave Taylor wrote an article in which he criticized the extreme violence in last week’s brutal season opener. The episode, which depicts two men being graphically murdered by having their heads smashed in by a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, has […]