From The Trailer Park: National Treasure (Hulu)

“It’s a witch-hunt!”

From The Trailer Park - Six

A new series based on the real-life exploits of Seal Team Six. Stars Walton Goggins (Justified). Premieres Jan. 18th on History Channel.

From The Trailer Park - Taboo

In the 19th century, adventurer James Delaney (Tom Hardy) attempts to build his own shipping empire, taking on the East India Trading Company in the process. Also stars Jonathan Pryce and Michael Kelly.

The series, created by Hardy and produced by Ridley Scott, premieres on FX next month.

Tuesday Open Thread 

The cast of WKRP in Cincinnati. 

The Walking Thread: Hearts Still Beating (S7, E8)

With the mid-season finale “Hearts Still Beating”, the show takes a major change in tone and starts building some serious momentum. In a sense, the episode’s title (referring to a statement by Aaron about how you do what you have to do to keep your heart, and those of your loved ones, still beating) […]

The Walking Thread: Sing Me A Song (S7, E7)

After nearly a half-season of setting up plotlines, “Sing Me A Song” is when they start to be threaded together. It’s not a perfect episode, and much of its enjoyment will depend on how much you like the character of Negan (because there’s a lot of him), but either way it’s a more entertaining […]

Thursday Open Thread 

The Walking Thread: Swear (S7, E6)

Aka How Tara Spent Her Road Trip.

It’s become increasingly clear that the first half of season 7 is about setting the table for the inevitable war with the Saviors in the second half, and “Swear”, which focuses entirely on the secondary character of Tara (with brief appearances by Heath, Eugene and Rosita […]

Sunday Open Thread 

Felt a bit nostalgic…RIP

Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

Yes it’s obligatory to post the WKRP in Cincinnati’s “Turkey’s Away” episode — don’t care. This is the apex of American television.

And Happy Thanksgiving Day Threedonians!