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Sorry, Kids. Science!

Last Five Watched

… or what I realized could also be called “Libertarians’ Delight.”

1. Milius — Knew how much I already dig who Spielberg still considers a master raconteur, so I’m torn between two highly charged emotions after watching: do I love Red Dawn all the more since it so viscerally pissed off (and continues to this [...]

Master Thespians

This happened yesterday on the “How I Met Your Mother” edition of “Inside the Actor’s Studio”… it is fun and harkens back to the days of when Hollywood actors could actually entertain.

Mid-week Top Five -- Kinda like it in a ...

SPOILER ALERT: If you watch Justified and still haven’t seen last night’s episode, please do not read below the fold.

R.I.P. -- Dave 'Oderus Urungus' Brockie

Sad news this morning, learning Dave Brockie passed away yesterday at the age of 50 … way too young. His 30 years of antics as Gwar’s Oderus Urungus weren’t always my cup o’ tea, but always great times when he stopped by Red Eye. Here’s hoping Gutfeld pays proper tribute to the show’s interplanetary correspondent [...]

R.I.P. -- James Rebhorn

Veteran character actor James Rebhorn died at age 65 on March 21.

James Rebhorn, the busy character actor who played the father of Claire Danes’ troubled CIA officer Carrie Mathison on the Showtime drama Homeland, has died. He passed away on Friday, his agent Dianne Busch confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 65.


From the Trailer Park — 24: Live Another Day

Jack Bauer is back…. This is the full trailer for the May 12-episode “event” on FOX Network. I like the Bond-esque title set in London too.

If by “Greatest Lady Ever” you mean…

Commie loving, torture denying traitor then yes she is.

Needs no caption #greatestladyEVER

— Ashleigh Banfield (@CNNAshleigh) March 5, 2014

Here’s the way I remember her…

Not Putin Up With It

Russia Today is a Russian English-language news outlet in the U.S. that is a mouthpiece for the Russian government (similar to Press TV and Iran or the various Chinese “news” channels). Liza Wahl, one of their anchors, quit on air today. Good for her.

From the Trailer Park — Silicon Valley

From Mike Judge comes this series for HBO set to drop on April 6. NSFW — language. I’m sure Judge will skewer the place.