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Cry Mohr, Mohr, Mohr! [BUMPED]

[ED NOTE: With Jerry Sandusky news currently trending with his return to court this morning in a bid to overturn the decision, thought it worth revisiting, particularly in light of the inexplicably and laughably false claim by the PA Office of the Attorney General, that Allan Myers is not Victim 2 (he most certainly was […]

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It’s Morning in America!

Let Freedom Ring!

It's a Family Affair

Lost in the bloody 3Dpocalypse Wars, back just in time for the start of MLB this week.

Penultmate Political Party Post, Produce a Plethora

Finally, a Rufus post you Limey lovin’ Monarchists can get behind! Now that I’ve convinced each and every one of you of the folly of holding primaries to choose a political party’s candidate* now I’m going to reveal an even larger problem of political parties in the US.

Like George Washington I would prefer […]

Prompt Political Party Post

The Coca Cola and Pepsi corporations hold an election each year to determine who will be the Chairmen of their Boards. They do so by holding a meeting with the shareholders of the company; one share, one vote. Those who cannot attend the meeting can vote via the internet, phone or mail.

Let’s analogize… […]

Saturday Open Thread

Anna May Wong

For Scott…

You Don't Say

So apparently (and predictably) The Donald’s got his panties in a bunch in reaction to the National Review “Against Trump” opinions, even going so far as to claim William Buckley would jump on the Trump bandwagon in support. Hmmmm, may wanna re-think that, cha-cha (sorry, fellow Dennis Miller fans, I’m feeling a little extra […]

See Something, Say Something Else

Nods to Avery Schreiber, Yoda and Edgar Winter, and those are all before the midpoint of the latest Cole Stein column at Taki’s Mag.

Reporting something suspicious about anyone darker than Edgar Winter is a hazardous endeavor, and average citizens know it. When congressional Republicans have tried (on several occasions) to pass laws giving […]