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A Funny for your Saturday...

I don’t care what anyone says, the last picture of the dog makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Tax Man Max

The brainwashing begins early…

3D Weekend Five: Dining Out at the Movies

Celeb chef (and all-around tough guy)Anthony Bourdain was TCM’s Guest Programmer for March.  No surprise, his theme of choice was Food & Cinema.

Pick movies, or scenes from movies, that featured a memorable breakfast/lunch/dinner, cooking experience, or some dining al fresco.  This is dedicated to all the 3D foodies out there, especially Matt H.

5. [...]

Academy Awards Open Thread


From 2002: the last time I really cared about the Oscars.

I am currently fighting The Cold That Won’t Leave, so it’s with absolutely no pain or regret I tell you: this year, you’re on your own.

Do me proud.

3D Weekend Five: B-Sides B-Fine

Your favorite singers and their not-so-popular tunes.  This is a redux, but I love the topic.

5.  Pinky (Elton John):  From Caribou.  Not as well-known as his other Tiny Dancers & Bennys, but still my favorite.

4.  Vienna (Billy Joel):   From The Stranger.   “If you’re so smart, tell me: why are you still so afraid?”

3.  Low Budget [...]

Happy Birthday, Goozer!!

It’s before midnight, so it still counts.

Hope it’s been, and continues to be, a wonderful day.


3D (Holiday) Weekend Five: Presidentially Speaking

I know = you were expecting a Valentine thread.  Nah.

In honor of the February bdays, name your Top 5 U.S. Presidents.

5.  Theodore Roosevelt (26th):  His mystique has been…revisited, let us say…but I don’t think I ever got over my childhood history books, and the gallant soldier/statesman/good ol’ boy picture they painted.  Plus, Brian [...]

Sunday Gospel

Friday Night with the Turbos

Chinese Junk

The blog War is Boring has an interesting piece on troubles with China’s new aircraft carriers. It seems the Chinese threat might be overstated.

The Indians have been fairly open about Vikramaditya’s travails. But the Chinese are not known for being as forthcoming. It’s possible thatLiaoning could suffer serious powerplant problems without anyone outside [...]