Sunday Open Thread

Free French tanks during the Battle of Gabon

On this date in 1940, Free French forces defeated Vichy French forces in The Battle of Gabon in equatorial Africa.

Veteran’s Day Open Thread 

Thank you to all veterans, our own fritz and Outlaw especially, for your service.

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Sunday Open Thread


Friday Open Thread 

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster (1931)

Tuesday Open Thread

Lon Chaney, Jr. in The Wolf-Man

Friday Open Thread 

KiSS, London 1976

There He Is!!

Read this from the HuffPo (non political … the payoff is worth it.

As I was leaving, my department chairman caught up with me. […]

Friday Open Thread 

Thirteen Tombs of the Ming I’ll be in Beijing for the next 2 weeks. Jimmy will be minding the store. I may be able to check in here or there. My phone is due an upgrade so I will run the Great Firewall and brick the phone upon my return!


Saturday Open Thread 

German soldiers with a dead boar in Galacia. Dec. 1916