Knowledge is powerful

Difficult getting past what’s unfortunately too true with the modern media and their influence on a public either too lazy to dig deeper into a story’s facts, or too unwilling to accept knowledge not shared via quickly disseminated sound-bites: “It’s not what gets reported, it’s what gets repeated.”

With that “joy in repetition” in […]

Monday Open Thread

Oakland 7/6/74: Baltimore’s 3rd baseman Brooks Robinson, diving to his right, makes a sensational catch of Gene Teance’s sharp grounder down the base line in the 5th inning. Robinson regained his feet and threw out Tenace at 1st. Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


A Conservative Soul

City Journal has a great piece up on classic soul music called “When Black Music was Conservative”.

In fact, though, the explicit sex and violence of contemporary black music represent a major cultural shift. A few decades ago, black popular music—what’s come to be known as “classic soul”—was notable for featuring lyrics that […]

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Wednesday Open Thread

Tuesday with Floyd

Newport beach

For Outlaw, Eric, Tink and all Other Fans (bumped) (video fixed!)

Here’s hoping the Giants, Indians and Rangers are all still playing six months from now!

3D Weekend Five: Reading Material, Periodically Speaking

I used to be a magazine junkie.  Now, of course, websites & stuff.  Plus, libs overtook some of my favorites and turned them into Republican stomping grounds.  But, even though I Subscribe-No-Mor, I’ll read ’em at Walgreen’s while waiting for my pain meds.

5.  InStyle: Clothes/hair/makeup/gifts.  It used to be celeb-lite (though it was an […]

The Walking Thread: Coda (S5:E8)

Well, we all knew this was coming, didn’t we? The show has been hinting all along that the mission to rescue Beth and Carol from Officer Dawn would not go smoothly, and it was pretty much inevitable that the midseason finale would go out with a bang. And what a devastating bang it was. […]

The Walking Thread: Crossed (S5, E7)

While “Crossed” had more than its share of action and tension, it might as well have been titled “The Calm Before the Storm”. Very little happens plot-wise, and what transpires is clearly meant to set up next week’s midseason finale. That said, there were plenty of entertaining and touching moments sprinkled throughout, making it […]