You Don't Say

So apparently (and predictably) The Donald’s got his panties in a bunch in reaction to the National Review “Against Trump” opinions, even going so far as to claim William Buckley would jump on the Trump bandwagon in support. Hmmmm, may wanna re-think that, cha-cha (sorry, fellow Dennis Miller fans, I’m feeling a little extra […]

See Something, Say Something Else

Nods to Avery Schreiber, Yoda and Edgar Winter, and those are all before the midpoint of the latest Cole Stein column at Taki’s Mag.

Reporting something suspicious about anyone darker than Edgar Winter is a hazardous endeavor, and average citizens know it. When congressional Republicans have tried (on several occasions) to pass laws giving […]

Don't get fooled again

Facts, as always, will help expose filthy lies. Justice for JoePa, justice for Jerry, justice for Penn State. John Ziegler – Too numerous to count, Media – Zilch, Zero, Nada.