3D Weekend Five: Doctor Who (& Others)

In honor of his 50th Anniversary.  If you’re not a fan, feel free to use the same categories to discuss YOUR favorite sci-fi series:

5.  Best episode: “Blink”:  Actually Doctor-lite (Carey Mulligan has the central role), but a wonderful stand-alone episode with an engaging heroine, a great mystery, and some of the most truly terrifying […]

3D Veterans' Day Five: Soldiers

Without looking at any post, I am editing my Five.  Last night I smacked my forehead and said, “How could I forget HIM?”  So he’s my new #1.

In honor of the day, choose your Top 5 film/TV/book: characters/performances/stories/scenes.

5.  The Best Years of Our Lives:  I can’t believe this movie used to bore me. […]

3D Weekend Five: Greatest Classic Legends Collection

TCM does these as DVD sets.  I thought I’d make my own.  Today’s may not be a very edgy selection, but dang it, they’re *my* favorites…

Pick the best — or your favorite — of the following actors’ performances/films:

5.  Clark Gable:  Rhett in Gone With the Wind.  Because in a two-minute turnaround (the journey out […]

3D Beefcake

Paging the Threedonia ladies! Resorting to cheap and tawdry hubba-hubba-esque tactics, and paging the Threedonia ladies.


H/T: JimmyC

3D Weekend Five: Greatest Movie Bromances

Part 2!  Part 3 will be Greatest Animated Bromances, so leave Buzz & Woody til next week.

5.  The boys from Diner (1982):  I confess, being the wrong target audience, that I’ve never sat through the whole thing.  But from what I’ve seen, these guys are the definition.


4.  John & Harley from The Cheyenne […]

3D Weekend Five: The Greatest TV Bromances

As suggested by Floyd.  Next week it’s Movie Bromances, so come prepared.

5. Hawkeye and Trapper/M*A*S*H: They had their share of serious moments, too, but never dissolved into the sloppy sentiment of the Hawkeye/BJ years.

4. Edmund Reid, Bennett Drake & Homer Jackson/Ripper Street: My current favorite series — these three Victorian cops are the […]

Wednesday Open Thread/Happy Birthday, Texacalirose!

A little something the junior senator from Texas prepared for your day.

Yeah…you didn’t know Teddy could bake, too!


Thursday Open Thread/Happy Birthday, Jimmy C!


Mixing Our Guy’s Superhero-ness w/the Adam Baldwin love..

May your day be as super as you are!

Flashback: May 16/Happy Birthday, Magnus Caseus Formatis!


I am speechless with mortification.  Thousands of apologies.  Hope it WAS happy, and that this allows you to celebrate all over again.

Partial explanation (not excuse):  This is the day I posted it last year, so that’s all I saw, not noticing that it was late last year too.  See, Kit?  Not just […]

Hubba Hubba Big Man: Draft Chat


I’m happy.  I love O-line guys (my all-time favorite NFL player was a center), and KC needs to bring back the glory days of Joe & Tim & Will & Willie.

How’s your team doing?  Andy Levy already tweeted his greatest fear:


assuming the jets will draft a point guard